Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Retired Military Officer Demands that Federal Agencies End Preparation for War Against US Citizens, Turn Weapons Over to DoD.

"Our Constitution lays out the proper methods of resolving our differences; and it does not include its overthrow by a rogue agency of a Marxist leadership at home."


JRT said...

He is wrong.

They, as well as the excessive ammunition, should be turned over to the Civilian Marksmanship Program and sold for "at cost" to authorized civilians so that the government can recoup funds from the Waste Fraud and Abuse of the purchases.

SWIFT said...

While I admire the Captain's steel, it is too little, too late. With the coming of the drones, DHS getting preference for ammo over the Marines, DHS armored vehicles in transit, a cowardly congress questioning nothing; this will only be resolved with the barrel of a gun. Man up and get ready as you are the last line of defense against an out-of-control government in general and a corrupt administration in particular.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately his demands and $1,000 will get you a cup of coffee at Denny's where a cup of coffee runs a buck sixty-seven.

As long as We the People keep acting like a Wolverine skin rug instead of a live Wolverine the Feds are gonna keep walking on us.

Anonymous said...

I think the Retired Captain will be getting his "Recall to active duty" notice. Any retired US Military officer can be recalled and sent to some hellhole for speaking up (getting uppity).

Anonymous said...

just to wake up a few as to how they are being lied to or manipulated into thinking that a part of the government saying they cant get answers for the high number of ammo purchased by DHS

its complete BS

and heres why

Section 9 Clause7 states,

“No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury , but in Consequence of Appropreations made by Law”( P.s. they didnt get the ammo for free)
Section 7 , Clause 1 states simply that the power of the purse is held exclusively by the House of Representatives.
Two powers here, to spend money or deny it being spent, so Unless the House initiates and passes an appropreation law, with concurrence by the Senate, not one cent of money can be spent by government..period

So when they tell you they didnt know DHS was buying up ammo, or why they were doing it..they are straight face LIYING TO ALL OF US!

also looking at this also tells me that this debt and spending problems rest soley with the House of Representatives, and I think Its High time they take the full responsibility of the fianancial hell we are burried into, up to our necks.

The federal law known as “The Anti-Deficiency act of 1884″ provides punishment for such violations by “Officers or employees of the US Government”
\see 31 USC sections 1341-42-49 and 50/

punishment for these acts as layed out is “suspension from duty without pay and or removal from office”
This current President has violated the Anti-Deficiency act. and Congress has done nothing to prohibit expenditure of funds.

so to wrap this up

The bottom line is, that American problems with federal government are twofold with an executive branch that has violated the Constitution and federal laws and with Congress that has failed in responsibility.
The Senate has acted Illegally. and the House has abrogated its responsibilities by failing to act with any effect which by definition is illegal

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William Flatt said...

Anon @ 3-28-13 overlooks one basic fact; we all know that these worthless politicians don't even bother to read the 'laws' they vote on. They rely on 'executive summaries' that are prepared for them by their staff, who for all anyone knows are following another agenda other than the one that is desired by the Congress-critter they supposedly work for.

BadCyborg is right, he reiterates a statement made long ago by abolitionist Fredrick Douglass: "The limits of tyranny are proscribed by the endurance of the People" - as in 'We The People'.

The powers that be are banking on the cognitive dissonance of the American people to reject out of hand the necessity that is now upon us, that the only way to fix the monumental screwup that is America today; we must 'go back to formula' and kill all these motherfuckers to the last one, and then hit the 1776 reset button.

They also are counting on the inability of the American people to achieve consensus as to WHEN to shoot the basdtards, knowing that we will not commit to open fires when there is no blatant act of aggression on their part... and THEY keep rolling back the line of demarcation through their repeated offenses, our repeated acquiescense, and psychological operations geared precisely toward nullifying the average American's sense of outrage and resistance to THEIR TYRANNY.

I believe in Mike V's concept of 'No Fort Sumpters', but I also believe in Thomas Jefferson's dictum that an unpunished insult becomes the parent of many others! We have long passed the point where unpunished insults to our Liberty have negated the 'No Fort Sumpters' rule; but the cognitive dissonance of the patriot movement as a whole prevents us from uniting solidly and converting all those outside the movement who fully grasp that SOMETHING is fully f%&#ed up in this country but don't know what, who, how, and why.

Address this issue and the movement can be led to victory and the nation to Liberty. Damn the MRAP toasters-on-wheels that can't go off-road or over low-GVW county bridges; give me Liberty or get the f%&# out of my way!