Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Praxis: "Logistics make up as much as nine tenths of the business of war." Russian Urban Combat Logistics in Grozny.

"Logistics make up as much as nine tenths of the business of war." -- Martin van Creveld.
Looking for tables of ammunition expenditure for various types of military operations, I found an interesting article from 1999: "Soft Log" and Concrete Canyons: Russian Urban Combat Logistics in Grozny. It may be of interest to those who are thinking through future problems of civil war here, especially in urban areas.
Although logistics is a major concern of warfare, comparatively little has been written about logistics when compared to writings about the tactical and strategic aspects of various wars. As a subset, very little has been written about logistical support of urban combat. One historic precept of urban combat logistics is that ammunition expenditure increases dramatically when fighting in cities. Recent Russian experience in fighting for the Chechen capital city of Grozny in January/February 1995 demonstrated that ammunition resupply was not the only problem. Demands on maintenance, supply, transport and medical support surpassed the capabilities of TO&E logistics units. Logistics demands were further increased by the requirement to provide humanitarian relief during the course of the fighting. . .
Besides small arms ammunition, front-line infantry used copious amounts of hand grenades, smoke grenades, smoke pots, demolition charges, flame thrower rounds, RPG-7 rounds and single-shot disposable antitank grenade launchers. Tear gas grenades were often required at certain points on the battlefield and had to be pushed forward. The front line infantry also had an immediate need for quantities of grappling hooks and ropes, light-weight ladders and night vision equipment. Many of these items were delivered by emergency airlift to Mozdok. Where there was a shortage of night-vision equipment, the Russians used mounted and dismounted searchlights to illuminate the battlefield and dazzle the Chechen opposition.
Mortars produced the most casualties on both sides and HE and smoke mortar ammunition was always in demand. Artillery was also used, often in a direct fire role. One-fifth of the artillery ammunition fired was smoke or white phosphorous-consequently these were high-demand items. Smoke screened infantry movement and white phosphorus smoke had the additional advantage (or disadvantage) of being lethal, capable of penetrating existing protective mask filters and not being banned by any international conventions.
One of the most effective Russian weapons in city fighting was the venerable ZSU 23-4--a lightly-armored self-propelled antiaircraft gun whose four 23mm barrels spat out up to 3,200 rounds per minute. The elevation and deflection of the system, as with its modern equivalent, the 2S6, provided an excellent counter-gunner weapon for city fighting. However, keeping the ZSU 23-4 and the 2S6 in 23mm and 30mm ammunition was a constant problem.
Clean drinking water was a high-demand item, but delivery of clean water forward often proved too difficult. Individual water treatment panticides took too long to work. Fighting is thirsty work and soldiers drank what was available. Viral hepatitis and cholera were the result.
POL was critical as the Russians used over 200,000 tons of POL during the battle for Grozny. Captured POL stocks proved very useful to the Russian ground forces. A major problem was moving the POL stocks up close to the units in contact.


Anonymous said...

Not to mention that in a Civil War the supply lines pass through 'enemy' territory.

Also every bullet or concrete block used by the defenders is already in place and must be replied to by 10,000 rounds and multiple heavy ordnance ...

The supply problems simply multiply for the attacking Govt. agents.


Anonymous said...

A comment that may be a sense of encouragement to others: https://mountainguerrilla.wordpress.com/2013/03/07/fundamentals-of-auxiliary-organization/#comment-3147


With respect, yes, I have stocked away an extensive stash, but how much we spend is somewhat immaterial right. It’s the thought that counts after all!!!! My message wasn’t meant for you. It is clear to all that you have gone above and beyond. You have set the standard sir. My message was a call to arms for those that haven’t stocked up on basics, or contributed to the cause. It’s the 80/20 rule after all. 20% contribute 80% of the supplies. You sir, are in the 20%. If we can get 5 more percent of the people in the supply train, we can make a difference for saving humanity. I sound like an NPR fundraiser, HA! “Just one more caller in the next 10 minutes and you get a “click-and-clack-tongue magical toilet brush, that they have to taste shit with on every scrub”.

No shit. Brian has set the fucking standard! He’s busted his ass, sacrificed countless inconveniences and stashed away for… YOU! and your families!


Just know when some tatt’ed up kid with a nostalgic military bearing gives you the nod from the seat of his obnoxiously loud Harley, or some nondescript smartly dressed business-clone-asshole smiles at you; just know, we are on your side, and we thank you, respect. Annapolis, West Point, OCS, Fort Benning or fucking San Diego and Camp Pendleton. We really do love you squids. :-) Honestly we do! We are all red blooded Americans and we love freedom! We all have the spirit of Washington, Lafayette, Jefferson and Madison. We will not allow our communities to fall to tyranny, or our country. Thank you Brian.

Since it’s the thought that counts, all these people that feel guilty right now for sitting on their asses are going to get off of their 4th point of contact and go dig a fucking bunker, and buy some lactated ringers, food, ammo and antibiotics, right? You dig it? – cache locations?

You ladies and gentlemen do also understand we’re winning?! You brought a war of ideas to these sons-of-bitches, and we’re really fucking winning!!! They have a few people that can run a gun pretty well, that’s true, but we have tens of thousands that can run a gun better than them! Possibly millions. These would-be tyrants don’t stand a chance! Just get your shit straight for your community, train hard and we’ll beat the shit out of these fascists without firing a shot, but if they start a war with us, it will be their end. That’s a fact. Train, fight, win!


“Don’t die for your country, make the other son-of-a-bitch die for theirs!” – Gen. George Patton

Anonymous said...

POL is not only needed for combat, also by combat service support to deliver. It is particularly vulnerable.

Anonymous said...

Hit the choke points, blow the bridges, realy on mules and horses for transport. The SF and "big Army" guys will laugh;Right up to the point where they run out of gas. A Us regement needs THOUSANDS of TONS of supply PER DAY , just to stay in the field. ALL state actor militars depend on unlimited "on demand" resuply THEY CANNOT conduct opps without it. Cut the supply chain and kill the Army. ---The Oppfor might have 1.6B rounds of ammo. BUT; They have to get that out of the depot and to the troops. "They" might be planing a huge "round up" BUT; they cant get all of us. Drones won't fly without fuel , trucks can only deliver on a working road net. No bridges ,no trucks, no fuel, no ammo, we win.

Gunny G said...

Food and water. Huge priority on the battlfield. Read up on The Canal, Peleieu, and Iwo Jima where chow and water was hard to get and the trops suffered for it.

Anon @246PM nailed it.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the toilet paper.
The simple is to take down the Blue city power grid....there are only a limited number of replacement transformers and replacing insulators is a dangerous exposed gig.
There are even fewer replacement substation transformers. They take about a year to manufacture. One small hole near the bottom drains the special oil and they overheat and catch fire.
Create chaos.
Do not participate in frontal assaults; you will die. The objective is for them to die.
They are trained to react...so call 911 with a throwaway cell and hit them from behind, way behind, like 500 yards.
The most effective tactic will be to create chaos to get the criminal/gang elements on the streets and then move on targets where they aren't.

Anonymous said...

To anon @ 12:02
Patriots need to keep the support, or at least indifference, of the population. Holing transformers in general will piss off the public. Holing transformers that only lead into .gov compounds is ok. When .gov takes a working, in place transformer from a neighborhood to replace one of theirs, they are the target of ire, not the patriots.
A propaganda battle will be waged, as opfor tries to blame infrastructure failures on patriots. Patriots need to counter their propaganda with facts. Digital cameras, cell phones, textmsg, twitter, etc will be critical. Got printer? Toner? Street team?

Anonymous said...


You are retarded. SF nor Big Army will laugh. We were using horses in Afghanistan, from the beginning, and they are still being used, in limited numbers by the SF community as pack animals, when necessary. Don't stick your foot so far down your throat when talking out your ass and your toes won't smell like shit. Stick to what you know, hero.
John Mosby