Monday, April 13, 2009

"This is NOT a Tea Party. This is a Tea and Cakes Party." -- A Threeper leaflet for handing out at "Tea Parties."


I have a leaflet suitable for Three Percenters to hand out at "Tea Parties." You may copy the picture and image below, or email me at for a Word document suitable for xeroxing. Feel free to hand it out, but make sure the tag line showing its provenance is on there. I want the guilty parties to know who to blame. Here is what it says:

This is NOT a Tea Party.

This is a Tea & Cakes Party.

THIS is a Tea Party:

The original Boston Tea Party was a calculated act of law-breaking designed to send the British Empire a message it could not fail to comprehend. Making long-winded speeches, thumping impassioned chests and denouncing a government made up of people who have already written you off as unimportant, impotent and no threat to their plans is a waste of time, energy and oxygen. As comfortable and deeply ingrained as they are in all Americans, the conventional political tactics of speech-making, letter-writing and electioneering have brought us to this precipice of defeat. The guttering flame of the Founders' Republic is within one stiff breeze of going out forever. Both political parties have conspired through malice or incompetence to bring us to this state, yet still people look in vain to the system of party politics for salvation. The Founders were not so stupid as to place all their hopes on a corrupt system. When the accepted channels of politics and remonstrance failed, they burned the King's tax stamps, dumped his tea, broke the windows of his tax collectors with rocks and bricks, smuggled forbidden goods, defied "his royal majesty" in hundreds of other ways and dared him to do anything about it. Liberty is not free, nor is it without risk.

All these tactics are still available to us today. Any inventive mind could think of many more effective in this modern era. It is not necessary to collect a crowd to do them, either. Defiance in action can be expressed individually in many ingenious ways. But let us not kid ourselves that standing around and listening to speeches that aren't worth the hot air generated thereby is an effective strategy for dealing with the hard-eyed, hard-nosed collectivist domestic enemies of the Founders' Republic in power today. You want to send a message that you intend to defend your liberty and not talk about defending it? Don't mail a tea bag. Think like the Founders, and ACT.

Mike Vanderboegh, PO Box 926, Pinson, AL 35126 / /


Anonymous said...

Mike thanks for writing this. I wrote a piece on a tea-party forum, along the same lines. I was banned for suggesting that certain misdeamenors be committed. I was more interested in protesting the tax on petroleum products, suggesting that we dump diesel fuel in Lake Michigan.

Standing around the state capital will do nothing but amuse your state legislators and your congressman might not even read about it.

The population is far away from meaningful protests, let alone taking up arms. Until it gets so bad that they feel their rights eroding, nothing will happen in the political classes.

Anonymous said...

Mike, I sincerely hope you're mistaken and we can pull back from the abyss without true revolution.

I fear that you're right and we have rounded the bend where those elected no longer care about the liberty of those who elected them.

Anonymous said...

These symbolic protests do serve a useful purpose. It gives some of us the opportunity to "watch the watchers".

Observe and report.

Anonymous said...

I agree in essence esp. as regards the total lack of regard for the Constitution and the voter, but let's not get the cart before the horse.

Americans, especially the ones protesting now (like my 60+ parents and their children), are participating in public protests for the first time.

Baby steps, baby steps. Let them see they are ignored, then see what happens.

One would hope against all odds that the ship of state would change its course, but alas it seems destined to ground itself on the harsh shore of reality.


Brock Townsend said...

I've been pushing the idea of showing up with pitchforks for a start. All that got me was please don't do it........go figure, Gee would they allow little, old me to show up with a paper pitchfork or would they worry that this might offend some also? Don't think my GGG who saved the flag at Brandywine or my GG who was KIA at Chancellorsville would put up with this crap.

Anonymous said...

It's time to effect Operation Consequence. Where's that hog pen?


Anonymous said...

Little bits of rebellion are already starting to happen.

Baby steps, yes, but the people doing this are committing crimes.

Read this article,
"Tax increase to boost tobacco black market?"

People are going out of state, to Mexico, and to Indian Reservations (which are running ads on talk radio about the benefits of their tax-free smoke shops), and buying in bulk for themselves and friends.

And the tax collectors can't do a damned thing about it other than whine and complain they need more manpower. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and one of my state senators is attending the TEA party protest on April 15th here. In fact, he's going to be giving a speech.

They do take it seriously, and it certainly isn't amusing to them, considering that the governor in AZ wants to temporarily boost taxes to keep the state solvent.

That being said, the governor is willing to scrap other taxes permanently in exchange, which is far more than our previous governor was willing to do.

Sean said...

One of my brothers went to one of these gas-bag demos, in St.Louis. He cringed when I told him it ain't worth a pinch of owl dung. He angrily wanted to know what I thought WOULD get the Nazi goons' attention. I told him. Hasn't spoken to me since, but I get the idea. The only thing these piss-ants understand is what they wield. Force.

Cady said...

If it isn't the boston tea party what is it then I am very confussed.

Patriot of 81 said...

My group is planning a Civil Disobedience rally in D.C. *WHEN* this bill passes (and trust me, it WILL).

We are losing our country and I need people to PLEASE go to this facebook group (I will have a website shortly) and help me out.

Send it to as many people as you know......if you do not want to use or sign up for facebook please contact me on facebook at the very least and I will give you my email address so I can send you the website once when it is up.


Your friend in liberty,

Patriot of 81

Anonymous said...

America is at that awkward stage; it's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.
-Claire Wolfe