Sunday, April 5, 2009

No Surprise: Sebastian Pimps for Morris Dees

Pragmatic Pimp Daddy

Over at s-NO-ball's place here. NRA knight in shining armor Sebastian has followed Morris Dees' pattern by eliding the differences between the Pittsburgh neoNazi copkiller and Three Percenters.


His allegation and my response posted on his website:

Snowflake sez: "He apparently also had a failed Internet Podcast. If you wonder why I’m so against the use of explicit threat of violence in defense of gun rights, this is the reason why. You don’t know what nutball out there’s going to take it seriously, and not get the subtle nuances of 'Fort Sumpters' and whatnot. I’m not saying this is anyone’s fault, and free speech is free specch, but there’s a danger in fanning the flames of some people’s paranoid delusions."

Uh, huh. Here's my take on it:

BTW, it's Sumter not Sumpter. He was a frigging NAZI, Snowball. He frequented Stormfront and believed in white supremacy and anti-semitism. And like the Southern Preposterous Lie Center, you DARE to deliberately elide the differences between such a piece of filth and us because it suits your agenda?

Typical. What makes you any different from Morris Dees? Hint: he gets paid money to do it and you do it for free.

Mike Vanderboegh

Later PS: Somebody slap an NRA sticker on that pimpmobile.


ParaPacem said...

Where DID you find that photo, and who is it??? My first thought would be a member of Homeland Security, trying to dress incognito. Second guess would be Pelosi's gigolo. Final guess would be Obongo's speechwriter.
Hope the trip went OK, btw. Welcome home.
- j -

Gregg said...

The whole "no Fort Sumter" thing is naieve. There WILL BE a FOrt Sumter. If one does not happen spontaneously one will be provided. the thing is, the train of abuses is long and well documented. OTOH, it only matters if we lose, and if that is the case, well history IS written by the victors.