Sunday, April 19, 2009

20 April: The monster still lurks.

And let us also recall that tomorrow is the one hundred and twentieth anniversary of the birth of the Austrian homosexual prostitute known to history as Adolf Hitler. His morally-bereft acolytes will be celebrating tomorrow, perhaps, as at Oklahoma City, with bombs. Keep watch.


Anonymous said...

Nazism is the most brutal and sadistic DEATH CULT in history, right next to post-Meiji Bushido in Japan.

I posted this on Mr. Codrea's site a couple of days ago but I want to bring this to the attention of readers here too:
In a speech given in 1941, Adolf Hitler personally said: "NATIONAL SOCIALISM AND MARXISM IS BASICALLY THE SAME"

Like you said in a previous post Mike, no matter how unpopular and controversial a political theory is, it never dies out completely.

We must ALWAYS remain vigilant.


Anonymous said...

It's also MY birthday. I used to hate that, of all people, I had to share a birthday with that monster.

I've since changed my tune. I now refer to my birthday as "April 19th, The Day After" in a vain attempt to associate myself with greats such as Captain John Parker, Mordechaj Anielewicz, and the others that have fought tyranny on that date.

LukeM said...

Do you have a source for that quotation?

Crustyrusty said...

Unfortunately, I also share a birthday with that asswipe. I console myself with the fact that he was long dead when I was born, and that I work hard to learn from him and fight against those who would be his reincarnation.

Anonymous said...

Yes I have the source: