Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Obama and the Ring of Power


drjim said...

That's a WORK of ART!
Any more to come?

Pat H. said...

I was afraid that would happen with Ron Paul in charge. But, I still voted for him anyway. Call me crazy.

blah said...

Nice reference to the Lord of the Rings! My only question then is who is the guy playing Elrond in the caption? Regardless, I get the meaning. I like the comic spoofs as of late, pretty good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Re: Pat H.:

I am glad you voted for him. And be proud of it!

I voted for Ron Paul too! He is not crazy, he is the best. The only people out there who called him crazy are the ones who would surrender their individual liberties like a herd of meek sheep upon the first request. (BARF)

Great cartoon, BTW :D