Monday, April 6, 2009

Praxis: Multi-tools

Another short but important praxis from The Trainer:

Multi-Tools: One needs to be in or on your web gear. No exceptions. Too many applications for it not to be. For those who can't decide, understand this:

DO NOT buy a cheap knockoff! You get what you pay for, as with any other piece of gear you're betting your life on.

That said, here's a good site that will allow analysis of the various high quality multi-tools available today.


deadbolt said...

I remember my first Leatherman tool. It was the original Leatherman. I used that thing everyday for almost 10 years. I was repairing our TV cable connection in our break room at work, put it on the counter and went for parts, returned and some A-hole had swiped it. I was pissed.

Replaced it with a "Gerber", didn't like it for an EDC, it went to my range bag..."Victorinox", didn't like it at all, sent to my brother in law for his tackle box..."Schrade" , didn't like it either, put it in my garage tool box..."Supertool", liked it, not as much as the original type cause it's so darn big, but it was a keeper, it went to my first line survival gear.

Pat H. said...

Regular Leatherman for me. It's worked for years, and will probably work for quite a while.

I also have one of the Swiss Army Knives with ~40 tools. I've had that thing for years, and it's done fairly well. It's not nearly as robust as a leatherman, but it's fine. The swiss army knife goes with me all the time, the leatherman when I'm in situation where I might need it.

blah said...

I have to agree with Trainer and Deadbolt -you can't afford to get a cheap knockoff and some models just don't do it- so some due diligence is needed.

As of recent, both Gerber and Leatherman have furthered their designs to include "locking" tools & blades in almost all of their models.

Last year, I picked up a newer Gerber model: "Suspension" which works fairly well and goes with me almost everywhere, and I have another older gerber in my field gear which compliments tools in my newer model.

Its amazing the many uses in the field you can get from them (see survival book "Six Ways In - Twelve Ways Out for an eye-opener!).


Anonymous said...

With about 25 multi-tools in my kit, I strongly second your recommendation and go one step further. Put them in all your vehicles, in your luggage, and gear bags. Low use or non-critical use areas are ideal for a Gerber Suspension. Outdoors use requires a larger sturdier model like a Victornox with a long useful saw. Mechanical repairs suit a leatherman or Gerber. Every motorcycle trip, every day one of my buddies needs to borrow my multi-tool, usually my top of the line Gerber. Etching them with your initials is not a bad idea either.

Unknown said...

Please forgive the political note:
While I am in agreement with the Praxis tool's usefullness, I am here to remind people that Randy Leatherman is not a friend of the 2nd Ammendment. He hasn't repudiate his support for unilateral personal disarmament publically. I'll never buy another of his tools.
I may well buy a Praxis, though. :-)
Thanks for listening and for talking.

Anonymous said...

David, got a site/source for that? If true, I'd like to send Leatherman(tm) an email, just want to verify source before I do. Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir or Madam:

I assure you I have personally read your e-mail. However, due to the volume of messages received, I cannot give a personalized response to each to you.

However, here in a nutshell is a general response:

Because I publicly stated how I am going to cast my vote, almost all of you have threatened a boycott against my company.

So be it.

I took a position, and now I will accept the consequences.

I am still going to do my absolute best to make great tools and hope that you and all Americans, of every political affiliation, will find them of value. If not today, someday.

Tim Leatherman
Leatherman Tool Group, Inc.

-----Original Message-----
From: D
Sent: Monday, October 04, 2004 4:45 PM
To: Mktg-1
Subject: Future Tool Purchases: a Message to Mr. L

Mr. Leatherman,
As a libertarian, I firmly support your right to do whatever you
want, as long as you don't hurt hurt anybody else doing it. As the head
of your company, by publicly supporting Kerry, you have to face the
unintended consequences of your actions. People such as myself,
customers in the past, will see that your concern for their human rights
is nil. I will never spend another dime on your products and will
recommend that people spend their hard earned money on tools
manufactured by other companies. I would be hurting myself and others if
I gave you another dollar, let alone the many commendations I've given
your tools in the past.
I just thought that in all fairness, since you made clear in
public what you are going to do,
you should know what some of your former customers are going to do in