Monday, April 20, 2009

Message to Stewart Rhodes: Barking Moonbat Delivered Safe to His Bicycle

You owe us one.

More, gentle readers tomorrow. Today we are on the road back to Dixie. I will report in full on the moving Oath Keepers ceremony on Lexington Green and the barking moonbats who hovered at its edges tomorrow. And to the law enforcement officer who left me a message: I got it. Thanks. Keep reading. I'll try to make it worthwhile.



Scott T. III said...

Mike, did I miss out on some fun after I left?

Vanderboegh said...

Mr. Court Jester (who started the day in a propeller beanie and ended it in the fool's hat) parading about in front of the stage and cameras, actually had been stalking the get-together for two days. He even cadged a ride to the after-party at the bed and breakfast. (More about all of this in my report under "Barking Moonbat #3.)

Scott T. said...

I saw him there. Sorry I had to leave before you got there.

I am waiting with baited breath!

Anonymous said...

I love that picture. It looks kinda like the spawn of Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi might (insert your own joke here).

O.K. said...

Thanks Mike. Much appreciated. Yes, I owe you and Pete one for sure!

Just now back online after recovering from Lexington. Thanks for your witty and well spoken coverage of the rally on the green.