Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tanking vs. anti-tanking: Another caption heard from.

Pete at WRSA suggests this caption. What's yours?


Sean said...

No soap, no shit, and Nobama.

Johnny said...

Speak softly. Carry a big stick.

Anonymous said...

Here is mine:


The Nazi super-scientists didn't realize that their innovations can be used AGAINST them, too.

Chris Lester said...

Confiscate This.

Mike said...


Dude, where's my tank?

pate357 said...

Go ahead, make my recess.

thedweeze said...

Not on the first date, bub

Anonymous said...

How about borrowing one from Oleg?
"The Second Amendment -
It's NOT About Hunting!"

or -
"Here! Have Some HOPE and CHANGE!"

"No,You Can't !"

Moe Death said...

I like to call it a "Peace Pipe."

Anonymous said...

Dear life NRA member Dad:
Would you please bend down a bit and get out of the line of fire?