Monday, April 13, 2009

"Once Upon a Time in Jamaica": A Must-Read from Gunrights4usall

Go here and read.


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It was surreal as hell reading through that passage. Almost sounded like something right out of Mad Max. Only difference, is that it is FAR, FAR worse.

QUOTE But for the great majority of Jamaicans guns are officially out of reach. The penalty for unauthorized possession of any firearm is an automatic life sentence…no appeal…no parole. You get picked up today, and by next week you’re starting your sentence. You see they expedite gun crime cases, cause they have so many. They’ve had to set up a special court that only handles gun crime; called appropriately enough “Gun Court”. QUOTE

Yet, according to crime statistics below, there are probably far more guns 'out there' than their entire police force. I have several friends from Jamaica. They say you can get 'anything you want down there'. I ask them about "legal" guns and lawful possession. "No", they reply, with a shudder. "The government will lock you up for life if they know you packin' some shit" "But, go visit any drug dealer, any gang member, they'll get you anything you want, from Uzis to AKs to RPGs".

Yep, thats how it is down there. Most of the gun trade in Jamaica is fueled by the drug business and despite government "laws", almost everybody got a gun, from underground sources of course, many of them are law abiding citizens who purchase guns from the black market simply because they want to protect themselves and their families. Thus, that further fuels the drug trade down there, as more cash flows in simply from gun sales.

So, in conclusion, gun control has failed miserably in Jamaica. In fact, all it did was to drive the gun business underground.

And despite being a "free county", their government is just as despotic as a Cuban town administration run by Guervara himself, if not worse.