Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Praxis: Killflash ARD

Latest Praxis from "The Trainer":

For those who haven't heard of the "Killflash" or "ARD" (Anti-Reflection Device) for their binoculars or riflescopes, this is something you may want to consider when putting the 'finishing touches' on your field gear. They're comprised of a honeycombed lense cover that allows almost 100% light transmission but kills any glare or relfection from the objecive lense that may compromise the position of the person using the scope or binoculars. It won't keep water or dirt out of the lense area, but it will do what it advertises, and that's cut out any reflection. They're also made to be easily removed so you can clean your glass easily. And, should they get anything stuck in the honeycomb, it can be cleaned easily, too. And wonder of wonders, you can even lightly paint the Killflash to match your rifle, though I've not seen the need to do so. I've used the rifle scope version on more than one scope for years now, and have never had an observation impairment or wished I had more light transmission. They're very, very good!

10 years ago you could get Killflash lenses for various rifle scope objective sizes as well as binoculars. The demand wasn't high enough, apparently, because the available sizes almost disappeared. Well, now you can get both.

This is a quality piece of equipment, so they're not cheap. They start at around $40 for a rifle scope and are just under $60 per lense for binoculars. But they're worth it. Especially when you consider what remaining undetected will do for your life expectancy!

Here are two links that provide these weapons and observation device enhancements for your convenience, should you decide they (and your life expectancy) are worth the investment:




Anonymous said...

Great post. I need to read up more on these types of gear.

And from what I've read a coupla months ago, the military has a new techno-toy in their inventory now, a machine that can sense the glare from a sharpshooter's scope as far out as 400 yards and beyond.

That won't be good in a tactical situation. You are either going to have to use a killflash, or switch back to the good old iron sights.

thedweeze said...

What about the old standby of a piece of pantyhose?

The Trainer said...

Well, I guess that would be an extremely low tech answer (pantyhose), but I believe the problem would be significantly higher light transmission loss due to the weave of the material and color (whatever would be chosen) of the hose when compared to the honeycombed surface of the Killflash.

As a field expedient though...

Anonymous said...

You can achieve the same result for free using dry grass. Just bunch a little in your objective hood and your good to go. Military snipers have been doing it this way for years. Being prepared doesn't require that you spend money on everything. Surviving the upcoming problems doesn't require buying the overpriced, name brand everything.

Tired of Constant Quibbling by "Anonymous" commenters.... said...

Wealth envy....it's such a pain in the ass..really.

It'd be different if the focus of Anonymous's comment was just "hey, here's another good way that's cheap and has been used by active duty snipers, so it must have merit" but no, the focus is obviously against anyone with the funds to actually participate in the free market. Anyone who understands how the market works knows that price is derived from the value placed on the item by the purchaser! So much for the "overpriced" "name brand" commentary.

And, Anonymous, please READ the part where it says CONSIDER this as an alternative. It's not a mandate. You can use grass if you want. Have a ball.