Sunday, April 19, 2009

19 April: In Memorium

And let us take more than one moment today to reflect upon the monstrous crimes in modern memory that this date also marks the anniversary of: Waco and Oklahoma City. Let us swear that neither be repeated as long as we draw breath. As Three Percenters, we cannot do otherwise.



Anonymous said...

About that firefighter picture: Was that from the Waco atrocity?

That is the most heart-wrenching picture I have ever seen. It is like a picture from Auschwitz, magnified, and reprinted in color. Tears are flowing down my face as I am typing this. I just hope that this poor innocent being survived. Please tell me that the baby survived.

Like our Jewish and Armenian brethren, we shall raise our 13 starred banner of victory and cry "NEVER AGAIN!!!"


Anonymous said...

That famous pic is from the Oklahoma City bombing.
And, like you, it never fails to bring a tear for the innocents who were harmed.

B Woodman
SSG (Ret), U S Army

Flock of One said...

Sorry Qi Ji Guang,

The little girl, Baylee Almon, did not survive the OKC bombing.

Anonymous said...

Re: Friends:

She is indeed in Heaven, and may God bless her soul. It is just heart-wrenching to hear that sweet, innocent little child lost her life, killed by a remorseless, cold blooded MONSTER.

I dearly pray that the terrible atrocities at both Waco and OKC will never happen again.

RIP all the innocents who lost their lives on these terrible days.