Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Prag attack. Robert Farago doesn't like Ted Nugent "representing" gun owners.

"Uh-Oh: Ted Nugent Represents Gun Owners on Discovery Channel."


Sean D Sorrentino said...

Robert Farago is a narcissist and a jerk. He isn't promoting gun rights, he's promoting himself. His blog is just another vehicle to make some cash, this time off of gun owners. Last time it was "The Truth About Cars."

Robert Farago said...

Setting aside from the ad hominem attack, I support and defend the Second Amendment. Every day of my life. FYI: Almost three years into this project and I'm still losing money.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Ted does tend to say stuff that get's peoples attention from time to time. I suspect his intent may be to shock people out of ther comfort zone and get them to think. But whenever people get on an "extremist's" case who may merely be stating something people need to hear whether it makes them uncomfortable or not, I trot out the following:

"I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!" -- Sen. Barry Goldwater

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of FUDD douche nozzels. I acnt even bring myself to comment there. I guess they think this show is supposed to be another hour of tree climbing whispering fuzzey animal shooting like the 45 other shows on the Sportsmans channel. Either that or an hour of some fat ass 55 year old with a gut so big he HAS to carry at 5:30 expounding on the virtues of the latest 1911 shit that some "custom" gun maker is turning out.
I might actually watch this program for fun as opposed to the complete waste of time those other shows are.


Maddawg308 said...

I like Ted Nugent, always have. I think we need more outspoken folks like him, who are willing to say what needs to be said.

FG said...

Would he prefer Holder ?

Sean D Sorrentino said...

Well I see that the narcissist in chief has arrived.

We've been over this. You troll your own blog for hits by posting garbage from another well known narcissist and anti-gun troll, MikeB. You steal photos and content from other blogs, lie about it, memory hole it, and say stupid things like "if it's on the net it's fair game" when you steal.

Your latest run at trolling for hits was to post two stories going after Emily Miller. Here's a woman who's done more to shame DC into fixing its gun laws than anyone since Dick Heller. And the respect you show her is to post that she doesn't carry a gun. This is a woman who is getting death threats, and you're snarky response is to make sure that the whole world knows that she's unarmed. Classy.

Of course, it's what we expect from you.

Your whole business model is to piss everyone off so you get hits that you can convince some idiot advertiser to pay for. That and "Search Engine Optimization." Because people who arrive from Google and don't know any better might take your opinion seriously.

"FYI: Almost three years into this project and I'm still losing money."

So what do we have to do to make you go away? Is there some set amount of money that you have to lose before you depart, unmourned? Or is there a certain amount of money you have to make in order to sell? I'm sure that we could scrape together the 10 or 15 bucks your site is worth to see you leave and never come back.

AJ said...

My main problem with Ted is his chickenhawk attitude. He dodged the draft, but has no problem with beating the "America, Fuck Yeah!" war drum now that he's too old to go fight. It's a credibility thing.
Still dig his music.

Ed said...

the 1st Amendment freedom of expression can be simultaneously beautiful and ugly. You don't have to agree with someone all the time, but you will never learn anything if you are not receptive to exposure to new ideas or new expressions of old ideas. There are many voices out there.

Does Robert Farago really not like Ted Nugent's point of view? Get over it. The freedom to express also includes your freedom to ignore or reject.

Semper Fi, 0321 said...

I've also been a fan of Ted's music since the early 70's when I was a Marine. But the fact that he was a draft dodger during the Viet Nam war and today plays the flag waving patriot gun owner really rubs me raw. Sorta like that asshole Stallone. His TV shows almost amount to mass murder on his canned hunts in Texas, another negative for me. He can't stop acting like some rich, overgrown juvenile delinquent with guns and bows. Not really a good spokesman for the gun cause. See what lotsa money will buy?

John Smith. said...

Farago's statement and use of Media Matters reminds me of the Russians saying the Chinese are bad because they are Communists....

William Flatt said...

Anyone who thinks Uncle Ted makes gun owners look nutty can KISS MY GLOCK!!

Seriously though, Ted has a great sense of humor and can be downright silly at times, as we ALL (all people, not just gunowners) have been at times throughout our lives. He's a fun guy to hang with, a great guy to know if you are counted among his friends & acquaintances. He is a TRUE FRIEND among 'most' gun owners.

When Ted drops the levity and gets down to the brass, you can bet he's as serious as a heart attack, and truly believes in a no-holds-barred, no compromise worldview on guns. More people share his view, deep down, than not. And the ones who own guns but dislike him are probably all Prags anyway.

Let's not forget that the most vile opponents of RKBA also, like Farrago, claim they support the 2nd Amendment. Let's keep this issue in context: Ted is the Shock Jock of Gun Rights. His aim is to wake people up, make you think, and if you can't take a joke, then we all know who to go to with a lump of coal 'if we need a diamond in two weeks'. I don't frequent TTAG partly because Farrago thinks it's OK to judge the gun culture & prominent personalities in it by the deeply left-slanted propaganda spewed by that commie bunghole called 'Media Matters'.

The things that Ted has said about Obama, Hitlery Clinton, and other POS commie gun-haters are all on-target. Anyone who thinks the language is unnecessarily harsh, abusive, or wrong is either being disingenuous, ignorant or have had 'their head in full rectal defilade' for the better or whole part of the last 40 years when it comes to the state of our liberty in America. And the rappers, illegal aliens, faggots, & others largely support the commie-liberal anti-RKBA agenda - so Ted's not really off the mark there, either, as long as he's quoted in context.

Bottom line: Ted is NOT the only program on Discovery involving guns, all shows involving guns have SOME SORT of disclaimer, and there are MANY channels to choose from that have firearm-related programming. To say that Uncle Ted is now the Pope of Gun Culture is ridiculous. I like the guy, but he isn't an icon. Farrago is running around like a ch!ckensh!t who's scared of what the commies are going to say, as if all of America is going to start drinking that koolaid, and that's just not going to happen. A whole lot of hand-wringing over NOTHING.

In the meantime, Ted will keep rocking & rolling and laughing all the way to the bank with the $$ that this 'reality' show will make.