Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Well, that didn't take long.

SMASH AND GRAB: A woman appears to be making off with "kicks" at Mello Magic Sneakers on Rockaway Beach Boulevard yesterday.
Jersey City on total lockdown from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. after rash of store break-ins, officials say
After 24 people were arrested last night on charges of breaking into stores, Jersey City has imposed a city-wide curfew on pedestrians and all businesses overnight, officials said today.
"We have to provide for the welfare and safety of all our residents" during the recovery from Hurricane Sandy, Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy said. "This limitation will assist us in achieving this goal."
Pedestrians must be off the streets in all areas of the city from 7 p.m. tonight until 7 a.m. tomorrow, Jersey City spokesman Stan Eason said. All businesses in the city must be closed during that period, Eason said.
Originally, businesses with power were allowed to operate during their normal hours. Under the new curfew policy being implemented tonight, "all" businesses must be closed without exception, Eason said.
As much as 75 percent of the city has been without power since Monday. PSE&G officials said that power is expected to be fully restored by Monday, Nov. 5. The city has also alerted residents not to drive on city street in order to allow emergency and road crews to make repairs.
And, in New York . . .
Hurricane Sandy brought out the worst yesterday in some sleazy New Yorkers, who looted stores and homes across the city.
Some posed as Con Ed workers to dupe their victims.
Police arrested more than a dozen looters in the Rockaways and Coney Island, which had been evacuated, and stood guard outside ravaged stores at the South Street Seaport.
“This morning when they told us the water receded, I walked back to the house to feed [my pets],” said Eric Martine, 33, a cabby who lives in Brooklyn’s Gerritsen Beach. “Guys were looting, pretending they were Con Ed and holding people up. It was sick.”
Residents said police warned them to beware of crooks pretending to be utility workers.
Cops fanned out yesterday to deal with looters around the city.
“We will not tolerate these scumbags looting. We will arrest them on sight,” said a police source.
Why don't these homeowners try shooting some of the SOBS?


Roger J said...

They can't shoot the SOBs. "Liberal" gun laws have disarmed them. The Tristate area has a very low rate of LEGAL gun ownership. Now of those SOBs come around my place...

David Forward said...

Hell, I'm surprised the New York merchants didn't just have a pre-storm looter's sale -- everything 100% off. They had to know the animals would crawl out from under the rocks before the wind (Sandy's wind, not Obama or Bloomberg's wind) abated.

thedweeze said...

"Why don't these homeowners try shooting some of the SOBS?"

Have you forgotten the guy who saved a cop by grabbing his sidearm to drive off the thugs who shot him? He was prosecuted for possession without a permit. Most folks in NYC don't have guns, nor would they know how to operate one if they found one on the ground. And the areas where there's a fair amount of underground gun ownership aren't the places that have to worry about looters. I know, I used to live in one of those areas. Don't Ask, Don't Tell, doncha know.

Anonymous said...

What? People take charge of their own defense in the People's Unarmed Paradise of New Jersey and New York??!!
Why, that's the most unheard of thing I ever heard of!!
Next thing you know, you'll accuse the serfs of wanting smaller Gubbment!!
(Note: This is a perfect illustration of The Immutable Law of Unintended Consequences)

B Woodman

rexxhead said...

"Why don't these homeowners try shooting some of the SOBS?"

Because in a city of 7+ million, there are only 2,291 carry permits.

W W Woodward said...

And, the arsehats aren't ever hungry yet. Wait a few days and see how things go.

SWIFT said...

The looters are probably Obama supporters and Holder would prosecute you to the max if you shoot them. There seems to be a brotherhood among cockroaches.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a small taste of what could happen with a major disaster nationwide.
They were all upset about katrina.
Looks like their model citizens reverted to katrinalike animals too.

Guess it's time to head to the range today....just sayin'

Anonymous said...


Without a graduated series of stern looks and warnings?

What an extremist attitude!

The society is crumbling before our eyes.