Monday, October 29, 2012

ALLARD: Obama knew about the attack, ignored three requests for help

Cold political play could cost him the election. Ken Allard is nobody's fool. This Benghazi deal may finally be the thing that delegitimizes Obama permanently from the military. Not only that, but it has burned up Petraeus' over-blown reputation too. He should have known better than to have become Obama's toady.


Anonymous said...

"Could cost him the election"

I hope something costs him the election ..had the scumbags in congress been doing our work instead of his this treasonous pos would already have been impeached and hopefully in jail.
They had to wait until the no load, traitor killed more Americans.. this MF and his comrades sicken me.

Yank lll

Jimmy the Saint said...

Allard apparently forgot how to count. He says this was al Qaeda's *second* successful attack on American soil.

Last I checked, the embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were American soil, too. This would be the *fourth* successful attack.

Badger said...

Allard also apparently forgot to go far enough. There are mechanisms already in place for just this thing, plans that are drilled, by men who are prepared to go right f'n now. Every theater has this. Only the hardware that trips the trigger has changed over the years, but tripped it was. The default IS go save American lives, it's an "automatic" like in football. The NCA had to give a conscious order to stand it down, or they go. The result is called murder.