Thursday, October 11, 2012

Praxis: Why Marksmanship Matters. One man's 'panic' is another man's prudence.

At the beginning of a 4th Generation civil war, everybody starts with a finite amount of ammunition. The ones who never run out are those who make every round count and thus are able to forage out the ammo pouches of the dead men who didn't. That's why marksmanship training matters." -- Mike Vanderboegh, 2010.
A discussion of "panic buying" versus training.


Anonymous said...

OH GOD NOT ANOTHER "fire arms trainer " With a sure fire, 400$ a day "school". Thanx Dude BUT; I' Been shootin' for over 40 years and still out -shoot police/USMC/ARMY snipers,AND YES I am that good. I don't want to learn "tactical walking"/ "why 9 inch AR-15s are cool" or how to look like a "super secret ninja death commando". Shoot schools part people from there money . You want to be a better shot? SHOOT!!---- For all you NUBIs. Go spend 900$ on a realy good rifle WITH IRON SIGHTS. Buy a case of ammo. Go find a USMC NCO (Ret.) ask him to teach you.(Nicely) You will learn FAR more the first day than 20 "shoot schools" can or will teach.

Gunny G said...


As a former Primary Marksmanship Instr and competitive shooter in the Corps, you're dead on the money.

Taught many civvies to shoot and many can pick up a rifle and be on target with a BZO with 3 rounds.

bloodyspartan said...

AND I still say a MAN should have a GOOD SWORD for the DAY the primers Run Dry or the Zombies/Libs start walking.
Might even be a little fun to cut the Head off and see if it still yells It's my Right to take yours.