Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kurt Hofmann: Government will push back against home manufactured guns.

"(O)ne should not expect even widespread availability of the means to easily make effective firearms at home to win the war on "gun control" by itself. In the end, it will still require decent people willing to fight and die--or, preferably, kill--for their liberty. The government's problem is our hands--they're not cold and dead yet."


Anonymous said...

Doin' my part for freedom here boss. I just finished an 80% receiver. Works great! I've got a mill and lathe in the garage, and unless they ban possesion of them, how will they stop the production of more receivers? The info for building your own barrels is out there. I've even got plans for makeing an AR receiver out of aluminum plate and putting the thing together with screws. I also have plans and instructions on how to make one out of hammered and welded sheet metal. They can twist the laws any way they want, but the knowledge and means are already out there.

Anonymous said...

all i need is this wording in my rules to live by

"Shall not be infringed"

and they can suck it

Anonymous said...

"the knowledge and means are already out there."

For the moment.

We had a constitution and bill of rights too, until one day we suddenly realized that they had inoculated themselves against them, with our tax dollars.

The new generation isn't being taught anything you know or would accept as truth and fact. They are taught to be good little slaves of the new Marxist order.

The machinery of government has been turned upon it's own and as we die, there will be no one left to fight it and all the lessons of the past will have to be learned all over again, the hard way. All because we couldn't deal with liars effectively.

Anonymous said...

3-D printed gun.

It is actually a plastic lower. However, printers using powdered metal are becoming less expensive as time goes on, so it'll become possible to print the whole damned thing with the right software.