Friday, October 12, 2012

Tomorrow's Birmingham Gun Show.

M19A1 & M2A1 USGI Ammo Cans.
Obviously I won't be there. But that doesn't mean that some of you local newbies who were looking for deals and guidance have to do without advice. Some of you who have received equipment from me in the past have my cell phone number. If you see something that you think might be a deal and want some advice, feel free to call me. One thing that has been true at recent Birmingham shows is the unexpected influx of M2A1 ("fifty cal.") and M19A1 ("thirty cal.") steel ammo cans at reasonable prices. Since the original source of these was a massive buy by an entrepreneur from the CMP program in Anniston (which is unlikely to be repeated) I would suggest you get as many as possible while they're still available at good prices. A buddy bought 5 one-use, clean and tight M19A1s for $20 at the last show -- $4.00 each. Be sure to inspect the inside of the cans and the seals for serviceability.
There are also ammo suppliers who sell empty ChiCom pattern crates (which will hold two M19A1s nestled flat) for as little as $2.00 each. These are the kind of items that, were I able, I would be buying.
Also, there are a couple of you Threepers who are working on your field telephony equipment. Be certain to check with me before buying any phones or reels.


Anonymous said...

Heh Mike I need Wire commo, Got 2 working EE-8s. wanna move some stuff? I don't use E mail so If ya' do just say YES and I'll Shoot ya' a snail mail.

Dutchman6 said...

Please send me that snail mail to PO Box 926 Pinson AL 35126

Anonymous said...

I always go for the "fat" .50 cal AKA SAW cans. They hold a bit more than the regular ones while still being light enough to carry fully loaded. They usually go for about $15, but I snagged a deal at the Zamora Shrine show a few months ago and got em for $12 per.

You figure in shipping for these things online, along with the normal $17 cost, and the gun shows are super deals.

Never can have enough at those prices.