Friday, October 26, 2012

Still in the Fight. Back Home Now, Firin' Up the Keyboard.

Looks like we'll have the porch rebuilt with the help of an old friend by Saturday. If somebody happens by and sees me coming down the steps they'll probably think that I'm just returned from a fast commuter flight from Cap'n Tony's in Key West. My neighborhood nickname will probably be changed to "Lurch."
"You Rang?"
And for all you folks who tweaked me about "left leaning," I promise to put a new meaning to the phrase.
I can now maneuver with walker and wheelchair ("weak side foot when going down the steps, strong side foot when going up") and I'm darn glad to get away from hospital food. God bless you all who supported us by prayer and other means while I was in. Just running back and forth and parking taxed Rosey's ability to stay within budget.
I met many others in the hospital who are in my prayers including "J," and his wife. Please keep them in yours' as well. Speaking of Hemingway (the obscure Cap'n Tony's reference), I will have more on him later -- on him and on fathers, sons and hunting, as well as a full plate of commentary. I'm back in the fight.


A SImple Man said...

Welcome back to the front. We wish you well in your recovery. Please don't overtax yourself, leave that to .gov.

J said...

thank you brother - it is hard right now. Please keep her in your prayers; you are in ours.

Erinyes said...

You want I should go to the Captain's tomorrow and raise one for your health? I'll be on Duval anyway looking at bare tits and ass...

Toastrider said...

*raises an eyebrow*

OK, I'm a colossal geek at heart. What game is that 'break's over' image from?