Monday, October 29, 2012

Praxis: Suspenders.

From a regular reader:
About a year ago you ran a Praxis on military pants suspenders. In response I bought two pairs at $9 @ and used one pair at work. They were everything the praxis said, but recently one of the straps tore. I went looking for a more available substitute and found one, and it was cheaper. This may be useful for anyone unable to find the GI originals.
Walmart carries suspenders under the George brand at $6.50 @. There are two styles, one where the crossover is sewn and another where it passes through a triangular buckle that permits you to adjust the location of the crossover. I got the kind with the adjustable crossover. This closed ebay auction has a picture of the style.
I ran the length adjustment out as far as it would go, adjusted the crossover to roughly match that of the GI style, then at each of the four gripper clips I squeezed the strap to one side and cut the wire loop in the middle then slid the strap off the gripper clip. I then took two carabiner style snap links that I got for 50 cents @ and threaded one through the short and long strap on the left side and the other through the short and long strap on the right side, taking care not to put any twists in the straps. The carabiners are arranged so that the narrow end is up and the wide end hooks through a belt loop.
I've prepared two pair like this. I retain my remaining GI pair at home in case I'm unfortunate enough to need them for serious social purposes, but I use my two modified George pairs at work, alternating them to let them dry better between shifts. I've found that the carabiners are faster and easier to attach and remove from my pants than the hooks on the GI ones were, and when I needed to let the suspenders hang such as when using the toilet the hooks would sometimes come loose while the carabiners don't.
The kind with the non-adjustable cross over could be modified the same way but I'd be worried that the crossover would be too low on the back
I've also retained the gripper clips I've removed. While I don't have any immediate plans, it looks like they might serve as a closure on a pouch if rendered subdued and non reflective. They would be a closure that could also be used to hold the pouch open.

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John said...

HoldUp Suspender Co. ( and Duluth Trading ( both have 'hip clip' style suspenders.