Tuesday, October 2, 2012


534 Backers
$36,990 pledged of $65,000 goal
59 hours to go
Assaulted is failing in its fundraising.
This is unfortunate. I met the film makers at the Gun Rights Policy Conference and the project seems very worthy to me. If you have some extra dough that you can spare, you might want to send it his way.


Anonymous said...

What a surprise, can't raise any money from the disability-check crowd that follows this blog.

Anonymous said...

That's what happens with most kickstarter fundraising that I've seen: failure.

Time limits on a fundraising goal is a failed concept. Set a goal, then email the entire mailing list of a gun magazine - or advertise in one.

Just visited Kommiefornia over the weekend, and was reminded (again) of the reasons I moved to America 30+ years ago. I can't legally carry but the criminals will no matter what . . .

Anonymous said...

It's all going to Gray State...


Anonymous said...

What price would you pay to protect liberty? Not for ourselves, but for our posterity.

Gray State looks like a good movie, but it's a movie.

Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire is a documentary taking a hard look at how the rights of gun owners here in California are under fire.

Gun rights ARE civil rights and securing the right to self protection is paramount to maintaining freedom.

An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.

California's out of control legislature wants to make us all subjects - constantly assaulting our God given rights and the United States Constitution.

This documentary will take a hard look at that.

Do you have $1, $5, $50 to help support an endeavor to defend liberty and the civil rights of fellow Americans?

That seems a small amount in defending the rights of the individual. The price later could be much higher.

Calguns.net brought me here.

Anonymous said...

Done, $25, albeit with some reservations. Not sure the focus on gun control = racism is in our best interest. Guy didn't win many friends at TGO, either.
Would much rather have a successful McNulty project...
Prayers continue for your health and well-being.