Friday, October 26, 2012

Random Thoughts Generated During a Hospital Stay, Part One: Mitten's "Movement."

I heard Mittens say on FOX one night that he had a "movement."  Mittens has no "movement" that I know of, unless it might be a bowel movement he's referring to.  What he has politically is a disparate anti-Obama coalition that couldn't agree on how to organize a two car funeral.

He is only the nominee because, in spite of every so-called conservative opposed to him in the primaries, he is the last man standing.  More to the point, this anti-Obama coalition will disappear with the election regardless of who wins or loses.

The GOP elites, who foisted this candidate upon us, will believe (in the event of a win) that they had a pretty good bead on things all along and that the Tea Party hooligans can go back in their holes for at least another two years.  If they lose, they will blame it on those same Tea Party folks who will not have done enough for their party.

Like the Irish discussing their history, the GOP elites will have forgotten nothing and learned nothing, which will leave the rest of us fighting a political rear-guard action for the Constitution just as we did in the Dubya years.

Of course, I suppose that is preferable to the probable civil war we'll be fighting if Obama's movement -- which is truly a movement -- wins.  Although that could be a foregone conclusion anyway, for they will not react well to loss especially of White House and Senate, in addition to the House.

If the Democrat Socialists believe that they can achieve more from the meme "Whitey stole it from you,' they will use it and people will die in the streets.

As a friend said the other day.  "One day they're (the race baiters) are going to claim we are killing them because they're black, and they'll be right."  He did not want to see that day but didn't know how -- with the race baiting combined with the destruction of the black family and the entitlement society -- we can avoid it.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if the Democrats lose the Presidency, House, and Senate because the GOP pretty much believes the same things they do.

They believe in welfare programs like the Marxists:

Someday, Conservatives Will Defend Obamacare

They are willing to consider implementing a Value Added Tax, now:

Mitt Romney Open To Value Added Tax (VAT) !

Restoring the American Dream: Economy and Jobs
(Republican Party Platform 2012)

"In any restructuring of federal taxation, to guard against hypertaxation of the American people, any value added tax or national sales tax must be tied to the simultaneous repeal of the Sixteenth Amendment, which established the federal income tax."

They believe in the same Keynesian monetary theory:

Neoconservative David Frum Hearts the Fed

No, Rick Santorum, We Don't Need a Little Inflation

Rand Paul Is A Horrible Liar & Ron Paul DO NOT Endorse Obamney !

And because of their shared Keynesian monetary theory, together they have built up a HUGE bubble in fiat money and in the bond market:

Don't believe the hype -- the U.S economy is not recovering, it's getting sicker.

Peter Schiff: Ben Bernanke is Public Enemy No. 1

Operation Screw: The Fed goes all-in on QE

And when the crash comes, if Romney is President, not only will the free market seem to take the blame for it, but Romney and Ryan have already proven that they will adopt the SAME economic policies as the Democrats when crashes happen.

Paul Ryan voted for TARP because he believes the collectivist view of the cause of the Great Depression, which is that Hoover was just too much of a free marketer, and had he used government to intervene like Paul Ryan did, then we wouldn't have had a Great Depression.

But Hoover was an interventionist like Paul Ryan!:

Is Budget Austerity Modern-Day Hooverism?

When this crash comes, there will be riots, a growth of the police state, and probably a civil war, anyway.

If anyone wants to learn how Ron Paul and Peter Schiff knew that the housing crash was coming, then check these out:

Smashing Myths and Restoring Sound Money | Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

Interest Rates in a Gold Coin Standard

Anonymous said...

The Tea Party Movement is the only 'movement' that can purge this country of the lying hypocrites in both political parties.

Good thing we are not a Party or affiliated with any such entity--if you think like a tea partier you're automatically part of the movement--there's alot of people I know who have never been to a meeting but are dedicated to the cause-now that's a powerful thing-

rexxhead said...

Dunno, Mike. Every cloud may have a silver lining, but it's also true that every silver lining has a cloud.

It might be a good thing for Obama to get one more term. I expect the economy to crater next year, and whoever sits in the Oval Office will get the blame.

On the other hand, were the GOP to eat that bullet, it would not actually be 'injustice'.

In short, why the floop should we care? Anyone (or any Party) who wants to be President in 2012 has to have a death wish.

As for 'taking our guns away', that's not going to happen in 3 weeks, and it might be just what we need to get our collective (sorry) eyes open.

Scott J said...

I think the most likely outcome is those who have kept all the economic plates spinning (barely) for O will let them all crash if he loses.

Sort of the same mental mechanism of the man who kills the woman he loves because if he can't have her no one can.

A side bonus is that the crash will come on the watch of someone who has passed themselves off as a free market capitalist.

Anonymous said...

You know , a few year's ago I really believed that true mindless hate filled ' racism ' was on the way out. I live in rural North Carolina in an area that once had a huge KKK presence. About 30 or so year's ago , and it was so subtle few were even aware of it. Negro's started being called ' Black's ' instead of the ' Big N '. White and Black folk's were at ease in one another's company. The Klan almost disappeared . Progress was being made toward true social equality , and not through any forced big brother program's . But simply stated just people wanting to get along. And ' Then came Obama ' .The student of Rev. Wright's hate filled harangue's for 20+ yrs. . The son of a communist agitator. The personal friend of a REAL domestic terrorist who once bombed government offices , then bemoaned the fact that he wished he had done more. This man , Obama , in my opinion has set race relation's in this country back a hundred year's. What I have seen from this man and his cohort's in the last few year's , is text book communist agitation. And it is working , on the gullible American public.The scab's have been painfully ripped from old wound's. Bigot group's like the KKK and Panther's are thriving and increasing in membership. They are armed to the teeth and threatening a horrific bloodbath . Let's face it , they're probably going to get one . Turn on a television all you will hear is the msm bobblehead's , praying for and encouraging racial strife. That they and their family's may become victim's in the ensuing tragedy , doesn't seem to deter them at all from their quest for rating's and the soon to be worthless dollar.God help us. And God bless the United States of America.

Anonymous said...

quote: ".... Obama's movement -- which is truly a movement ..."

Speaking of Oblablabla's movements..

maybe all those "merican" voters should see these...
Mr. Cool isn't so cool sometimes. Not that I'd vote for either of them.

BTW, just in case you haven't ever met a sycophant..let me introduce you to one..the Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee.. one Debbie Wasserman Schulz..Ms Suckbama if there ever was one...unbelievable..
never heard of Obombardiers "kill list"...
Read the whole story here.

Well, in that case I guess she doesn't know anything about Obuttface's latest... the good ole...'disposition matrix' either...

folks..if anything...the Federal Cartel is now an obscenity. Welcome to the world of Permanent War..codified. This about does it for me. They've hit the bottom of the cesspool. And Mr. Robberbarron is no different...