Thursday, October 11, 2012

Retaliation? What's that?

ATF whistle-blower fired, claims complaints about 'Fast and Furious' played role

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William Flatt said...

I know you posted this a couple days ago, but since no one has posted here yet I will step up and comment:

ATF is, in spite of the honest agents that are trying to recover firearms from the criminals out there, an agency that is 1) unconstitutional, 2) beyond reform or reorganization, and 3) represents an immediate threat to the lives, liberties and property of all Americans - not just gun owners. ATF is an agency that never should have been, and justly deserves to be abolished immediately and permanently. The good lawmen there can make lateral transfers to other, more honorable agencies.

The retaliation against Cefalu is just the tip of the iceberg, the edge of the glacier: patriotic, constitution-respecting public safety professionals in every state - be they federal, state, or local - are being run out of their agencies by highly dubious means because the war against patriots has already begun. What passes for government in America (in fact an organized crime syndicate) does not want any honest or conscientious cops out there when they start using the 1 billion rounds of ammo that DHS has purchased over the last couple years.

[On that note, I may disagree with Mike about 'panic buying' and those who are 'furiously' stocking up -- I look at the quantities the feds are buying up, and because they get 'first dibs' on the maxed-out production capability of the commercial ammo manufacturers, it's the federal ammo-buying spree that's driving prices up and keeping shelves empty long after the Obama gun panic has subsided.]

You have to ask yourself why the feds feel compelled to build and maintain such a massive stockpile of ammo that by law cannot be used OCONUS by our military? Why does DHS need to maintain a supply that far exceeds the military's estimated rate of ammo expenditure for a "10 year war"?

This federal buying spree began with .40 pistol ammo, not alarming on its face except for the quantity - hundreds of millions of rounds. Then an equally large quantity of 5.56 ammo was purchased, again several hundred million rounds. Now DHS is purchasing hundreds of thousands of rounds of what can only be described as sniper-grade .308 and .50 ammunition.

Any one of these facts alone may not be disturbing, but when I see how after years of tolerating oath-keeping lawmen, the feds now are pushing them out... I see a pattern of preparation for what can only be described as THE most supreme act of stupidity being contemplated by our gangster government.

Jack McLamb, the great-grandfather of the oath keeper movement before it was such, once said that "tyranny cannot come to your doorstep unless it comes in uniform". In order for that prediction to come true, the powers-that-be must first purge the good cops from their ranks. This is happening now. I have often said that stubbornly clinging to the notion "IT CAN'T HAPPEN IN AMERICA" will actually guarantee that it will happen just as it did in Germany nearly 100 years ago. Already we see the parallels, including the economic crisis.

The machinery of tyranny has already been constructed and put in place. All that remains is for it to be wound up and set loose, which is likely to happen in any event because the "it can't happen here" attitude has persisted for so long.

If I were to make a prediction, it would be that there will be a lot of people who are going to get a rude awakening, it's just a matter of when.