Thursday, October 4, 2012

Univision News' Fast and Furious Investigation Prompts Congressional Inquiry

It ain't over until it's over.


Rich said...

I'm giving Univision a ton of credit for their report, but amazed that ABC doesn't seem to read information on it's own website.

Anonymous said...


I worked security for the Romney/Ryan ralley in Fishersville, VA.

When NRA Wayne Pepe LaPew actually had the balls to mention F & F (o.k., it was maybe 10 seconds) in his NRA R/R endorsement, I was amazed.

PS. There was easily 10,000 plus people there - maybe 12,000. R/R presented as competent, old-school pols. However, compared to the acting Pres, R looks pretty good.

Sure hope Ann is wrong and O isn't declared disposable by his Party handlers. It would be nice to see his walk that green mile back to his Elba in the Pacific.

III said...