Monday, October 22, 2012

So, here's a statement for Mittens on foreign policy for the Gunwalker-in-Chief for tonight

Mr. President, you said you were waiting foe the Office of Inspector General''s report on the Fast and Furious Scandal which used the resources of the ATF to put so-called assault weapons in the hands of Mexican drug lords before you took action.  The report has been out for weeks now, you've still done nothing and the culpable members of your administration are still drawing paychecks, hiding behind your assertion of executive privilege.

I have a promise, not a question.  If you haven't revoked the executive privilege order that is keeping Brian Terry's mother from finding out how her son died by the time you leave office in January, then if the American people give me the chance, I will.  There are also hundreds of Mexican mothers waiting for the same answers.

History, Mr. President, will judge you and so will the mothers of the victims of Fast & Furious.


A SImple Man said...

If only such questions or statements were made in our era.

Anonymous said...

You need to abandon your hope in Mitt Romney. He and Obama are basically the same:

Mitt Romney Open To Value Added Tax (VAT) !

Romney supports automatic hikes in minimum wage

Romney Obama the Same

The Ultimate Mitt Romney Flip-Flop Collection

Gary Johnson can't help, either:

Just How Libertarian is Gary Johnson?

They screwed Ron Paul, but I'm going to write him in, anyway.

Ron Paul Write-In 2012!

Gunny G said...

Anon @ 4:09PM

You: "They screwed Ron Paul, but I'm going to write him in, anyway.

Ron Paul Write-In 2012!"

Nice. Enjoy voting for a gun-grabber like Obummer with your Ron Paul vote.

Maybe you should research how Paul plays both ends against the middle by voting NO on bills that will PASS, as he loads them up with pork.

Anonymous said...

Mitt & Obama are playing off the same script being written for the benefit of the moneyed hands that own them. The owners will not allow such impolitic, impolite subjects to be broached except in the most gauzy indefinite of terms. Defined promises with measurable real term are strictly forbidden, especially if it exposes the underlying agendas.

Also writing in Ron Paul, though there is no question Utah is going to Mitt. Gary Johnson is pandering to the extreme hot-topic radicals of the Libertarians so I can't vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Not being a dumb ass at all. Think about it, I could endorse the dead elephant party Pres. candidate and rubber stamp it along with the rest of the herd and my voice would mean nothing. Here in Utah, Mitt is going to win no matter who I vote for, so best if I voice my displeasure. On the actual important race in my district I'll be voting for Mia Love - that race actually matters. I don't fully trust Mia but she is a superior alternative to Matheson who goes along with most of what Obama wants. The only useful thing he's done is vote to hold Holder in contempt. The only way the Republicrats will understand I don't appreciate their slimy tricks is to tell them at the polls.

KingOfDebauchery said...

Agreed, mittens has the same 'government knows best' view as Obama. They will both play the fiddle as Rome burns...

Also voting for Ron Paul.