Tuesday, October 2, 2012

OK, it's California, I get that. But what kind of BS charge is "possession of an inactive grenade?"

Early Halloween Costume Brings Out San Mateo Bomb Squad
“Costumes with very realistic weapons can create fear and safety concerns among the community members, and may provoke a response by law enforcement,” Norris said.


Anonymous said...

Okay, granted, he wasn't breaking the law, but that doesn't mean that what he was doing was intelligent or something to excuse. The guy shows up in a gas mask with something that the average civilian will assume are grenades, several months after someone in a gas mask with grenades shot up a movie theater. Someone calling the cops on him is a logical response.

I am assuming he was using inert training grenades, which look close enough to the real thing to freak out people who have never touched a frag grenade. Yeah the charge is BS, but the process getting there is predictable.

Anonymous said...

The culture of "fear" of weapons of any type being promoted in California is disgusting. They are being turned into mindless drones of those in charge, willing to call in "big brother" for protection.

They exist in fear of living life because OMG something bad might happen. They need to reminded bad things DO happen. Now however, they won't be able to do anything about it.

Anonymous said...

Bet the guy uses avacadoes next time.