Sunday, October 21, 2012

I no longer make promises on Absolved, but I worked on it again today.

I'm also working on planning a mixed ancestry Yugoslav receiver and Norinco barrel SKS-D with an AK magazine well. If anybody has any tips or experience with such a silly business let me know. Also Matt wants to get into C.W. reenacting with his sons when he comes back from Afghanistan so if anybody see's a beater .58 caliber musket they want to sell, let me know. Even a Zouave would be fine because he began his re-enacting years ago with a re-worked Zouave by Gary Presley of Columbiana transmogrified into a n Alabama-made Dickson-Nelson cavalry carbine which wasn't very accurate but I feel with the help of Len Savage, they could craft something far more close to reality. Anyway, let me know.


Anonymous said...


Can't wait for Absolved!

I have a beater .58 Springfield repro, but can't quite get rid of it yet. No CW reenactment units that I know of locally, but I might get back into the hobby someday, if we move. We still use it for live-fire out to 500m or so.

If I decide to sell it, I'll let you know.

The SKS-AK mag option seems to be a good one, better than the configuration I have now. My SKS mags are the ones with the lip on the front. Workable, but definitely not as good as using straight AK mags. My SKS, with its odd magazines and cheapo red-dot, falls into the "you don't have a gun to fight off zombies/JBTs? Well, here you go..." category.


Anonymous said...


Would Matt be interested in a shooter repro 1861 Springfield ? >Jeff

Anonymous said...

"I'm also working on planning a mixed ancestry Yugoslav receiver and Norinco barrel SKS-D with an AK magazine well."

With everything else crowding your already over-full plate, why?

B Woodman

Dutchman6 said...

Jeff, Matt would certainly by interested. Tell me how much he needs to sends you.

ebd10 said...

'Absolved' will likely bring you the financial windfall you need. I'm planning on buying a couple of copies when it's available.

Anonymous said...

On that SKS USE NO PLASTIC the stocks and mags are crap. They wobble. Watch out for fed-law,your Mag-well -AK mag, May not be leagle on your SKS. The whole "Bush ban" thing, is still in play. Best to check with Leagle before you start. AND. BATFE would just dearly love to see YOUR golden years spent in the FCI.

Obvious Moniker said...

You know Mike, if you need help with the story, I'm willing to put in man hours to help. I'm not a published author in the traditional sense (ie. I've won a few writing contests but I don't count those) but I do wrote in my free time, what little there is, and know a few published authors.

Either way, if you want help, I'm more than willing to NDA up or whatnot.

Dutchman6 said...

Brother Workman,

Because I can and because I have the pieces -- it is cheap. There are worse pieces for my grandson Mason than the SKS.

Anonymous said...

I make promises on Absolved. I promise to buy more than a few copies when it is, at long last, available for purchase.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to Absolved too. Best wishes for your health.

Anonymous said...

Nice to have you back, Mike. I'm sure many of us refrained from filling up your inbox/comments but quietly held you in our prayers all the same. My Godmother recovered fully from no less than three strokes in her short life, proving my suspicion during neurophysiology research that the CNS can regenerate nerves, albeit slowly. Take heart in that fact that is now admitted by many neurologists.

And count on selling another copy or two when you finish Absolved.


Anonymous said...

Keep working on the book Mike. I've read what's available online and it's fantastic and I feel that it will make an excellent screen play as well. These are educated and objective opinions, you've got a winner, so finish it. *Now*

You can do a lot more with the money you will have after you're done than you will ever be able to without it. There are problems that only money and guns can fix.

Anonymous said...

I too will buy a copy