Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Here's what the deck looks like now.



Ken III said...

If it wasn't a 1200mile round trip, I'd come down from Columbus and build a fine handrail system for you this week end. But that's about a hundred gallons of fuel in the old suburban and $ is a little tight. Surely there's a threeper a little closer who can help this good man. If there isn't, I'll come down there and do it myself. Keep me posted Mr. V.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how much sidewalk is in front of it but it looks like time for a total rebuild into a nice ramped walkway with good handrails. Started one in Feb 2005 but got interruped by the first of 4 heart attacks. Survived and later on when friend was out of his wheelchair I repossessed the ramp.

Allen said...

too bad your place wasn't a little closer to NH, I'd throw a couple of retired Seabees at the job and it would be done fast. just don't ask where the materials came from. "comshaw" is a beautiful thing.