Friday, December 10, 2010

A "Necessary Fail": To DC, one more (last?) time, "before alternative dispute resolution commences."

T.L Davis has called on all Guardians of Liberty to go to DC:

On January 21, 2011 we will hold a rally on the steps of the capitol and that will kick off the following siege that will last until Obamacare is finally totally repealed.

Pete at WRSA echoes thusly:

I know that there are many who say too little, too late, too far, too few. Know that many who will participate see things that way, too. Do what you can, even if it is just spreading the word. And don't forget about your reps' home offices. You can get there, right? Forward.

Later, in response to skeptical comments, he says this:

The Bad People game plan is as follows:

- Maintain the semblance of normalcy and conventional means of redress (while effectively mooting them via any means necessary)

- Advance the collective via generational indoctrination and mass propaganda with false "competing views" [e.g., Fox vs CNN]

- Always increase the number and segments of society dependent on the G's teat

- Ignore those who are not down with their program

Did I miss anything?

That being said, there are some necessary fails, IMHO, left before alternative dispute resolution commences.

The Winter/Spring 2011 protests are part of that fail cycle.


I don't know how long I can stay, but I'll be there on 21 January. If I can thumb a ride that is.



Justin said...

Necessary fail.

I agree with both words.

It will fail; it is necessary.

Thus, it is a success before it has even taken place.


Dedicated_Dad said...

"Did I miss anything?"

Well, yeah - since you asked...

What about "continue the creeping police state -we're almost there! Continue the agit-prop so all those constitutional-types are universally seen as McVeigh-wannabees and hated by some and feared worse than us by the rest!"

Otherwise you pretty much covered it...

Justin said...

Necessary fail.

I like the concept, and agree.

It is necessary, and will fail.

Thus, it is a success -in that it accomplishes what it was meant to before it even happens.

Necessary fail cycle.

Now you're speaking in terms of victory, CA, now you're thinking "outside the framework in which our current problems were created". Only in this way can we ultimately win. We cannot see a protest as a fight that will result in a victory, but as a weapon to be used in a larger fight that will lead to victory.

A tank, a bomb, a rifle, these things do not win fights. They are tools. It is the warrior, his spirit, his skill and strength that win the fight. Not the tools. These protests are not the fight. They are tools. You don't win because you have a rifle. You win because you use the rifle skillfully, as an extension of your will.

Seeing these events as THE FIGHT WE MUST WIN leads to defeat and despair. Seeing them as a merely another TOOL TO FIGHT THE ENEMY leads to situational awareness and further strategic and tactical planning.

Necessary fail cycle.
I like.
You're on to something.
More, please.


Bad Cyborg said...

" siege that will last until Obamacare is finally totally repealed"

I hate to be a buzzkill but that means the siege is going to last AT LEAST until late January/early February of 2013. There is no way in this world BHO is going to sign anything repealing Obamacare. Ain't happening. If he did that not only would every far left wingnut in the country be out for his hide but Michelle would permanently revoke his visiting privileges to the garden of earthly delights. The boy wouldn't even get to SEE the little furry critter much less get near it.

Nope, nope! Obama'll veto any bill that has anything in it even remotely resembling repealing Obamacare. And since you'd need super majorities in BOTH houses (which the GOP doesn't even have in the House) to override a veto.

Sorry folks. I can't see it happening. And unless the GOP gets its collective head out of its ass the majority it has in the House in the upcoming session is likely to evaporate. Hell, it won't evaporate it will sublime!

Bad Cyborg X

Nice thought, though.

Mark Matis said...

For Bad Cyborg:

Rumor has it that the geniuses drawing up the bill FAILED to include a severability clause therein. If that is indeed true, then from a purely legal standpoint if ANY part of Obamacare is deemed unconstitutional, then the ENTIRE bill falls. Of course, that assumes there is SOME honor in this country's Legal System. Of which there has been VERY LITTLE evidence lately.

Defender said...

I just signed this petition to require that the Constitution be read aloud at the beginning of every new Congress and once a month during. A project of Gun Owners of America. The link was sent to me by Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, one of the first AGs to file suit to stop the Obamacare mandate. Space is provided for comments.
May not help, but couldn't hurt. I think Patrick Henry would file it under "everything possible to avert the coming storm."

Anonymous said...

A so-called siege will have to last at least until a Republican president replaces Obama. Do you really mean a "siege"? If you do, then it is a stupid idea to begin it over two and a half years before it can possibly succeed. Also, I don't know about you, but I am needed to do far more useful things... like provide for my family, etc. Beginning a so-called siege for that purpose this far in advance of possibility of success is a BAD idea.

Justin said...

That's not the point. Or, rather, it shouldn't be.

This will not, repeat not, lead to the repeal of anything. I think hoping for that is the way to let down and despair.

We must look at this as either a vain attempt to "do all we can" to avoid trouble, or a maneuver to position forces on the field. We cannot afford to see this as THE fight, because it isn't.

My quantitatively eased $.02.


Loren said...

We need to be doing a LOT more of this, especially in the legal system. Make it a point of why these things are being done.

When this system is dead, nailed into the coffin and buried, we get to start again. The sooner that's done, the better.

Dedicated_Dad said...

If viewed tactically, this is an utter waste of time.

Strategically-speaking however, it's pretty near genius and ABSOLUTELY necessary.

And yeah: I'll be there!