Monday, December 13, 2010

I thought Kentucky boys were smarter than this.

Not a useful alibi.


Defender said...

The social worker "heard" he was acquiring "weapons."
That's all it takes. How proud HomeSec must be.

Reg T said...

Just like Nw Hampshire, where a newborn infant was removed because the father visited the Oath Keepers website. Although this fellow should have known better than to have such things in plain sight, I'm certain this welfare agency didn't need a warrant to ignore his Fourth Amendment rights. Oops. What Fourth Amendment rights? Obviously, those are simply a product of the fevered imaginations of deranged right-wing extremists.

Mike in KY said...

Poor Uncle Jimmy. Reminds me of the time about twenty-five years ago when he turned on channel three and "The Day After" was on.

He pumped out the septic tank and made us sit in it for two days. Like to never go the smell out of my britches.

Dr.D said...

If he took that movie seriously then he was none to bright.


Anonymous said...

It is not just that silly movie.
The movie is based on a considerable amount of data that points to the likelyhood of "something" happening around December 21 2012. During that period our Sun will be aligned with the center of the galaxy something it does on a regular basis every 26000 years or something like that. During this time we MAY be exposed to forces such as an increased amount of Gamma rays. Not saying this will have any effect but there is some question as to what will occur. I fully expect that I will wake up on December 22 2012 in a ditch taking fire from Homeland Security troops and the poles shifting will be the least of my worries.


Wayne Conrad said...

Granadier1, A few points of fact.

The Mayan calendar doesn't end in 2012. It's cyclical, just like ours. Does our calendar end on December 31st? Besides, you can ask the Mayans, as the descendants of that civilization are still around. They don't think that the world is going to end, or any particular catastrophe ensue, in 2012. It seems to me they'd be the first to know.

Re galactic alignment and increased gamma rays:

The galactic equator is a somewhat arbitrary designation.

The sun already passed the galactic equator, in 1998.

By what mechanism would gamma ray exposure increase? Where are they coming from, and how does "galactic alignment" cause them to increase?