Thursday, December 2, 2010

"The Coming Latino Revolt," or so they say. How are they going to "revolt" without firearms?

No more Meester Nice Companero?

A tip of the boonie hat to Irregular Matthew for forwarding the link. Matthew comments:

Luis Gutierrez is one of the most vocal anti-gun politicians in Illinois, representing the 4th district in Chicago (big surprise).

His bio is here.

His voting record is here.

After nine terms we (as a state) can’t seem to get rid of this guy. His state-level equivalents are Luis Arroyo and Edward Acevedo who are very aggressive and successful in keeping Illinois citizens unarmed. And now he wants to take it to the streets with imagery befitting MLK and the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s.


Defender said...

He and Barry rose from the same corrupt muck in Chicago. He says elsewhere that they had a pact to always support each other. Too bad he didn't see your piece about Stalin's useful comrades later airbrushed from history.

pdxr13 said...

Good phrase, Defender: "Corrupt Muck of Chicago" meaning as collectivist as it needs to be to make sure I get mine.

Article page two: “When black people in this country decided they were going to fight for civil rights and for voting rights, they didn’t ask if the majority leader was with them and when they were going to tee up the bill. They said, ‘We’re sitting where we need to sit on the bus! We’re integrating this counter! We’re going to march!”
Gutiérrez is pacing around the room and his voice is rising. “Their actions propelled the nation. It’s the way changes are made. Look at John F. Kennedy—he was president. Martin Luther King, I don’t think he was real concerned whether he was going to reelected in 1964.”

In 1960, there might have been A DOZEN Blacks in the USA with immigration problems who decided to go underground. In 1960, you could be GUAR-AN-F-n-TEED that every Black person you saw walking the streets of any/every US City was at least as much an American Citizen as any WASP. This is now only a little bit less true (some Somali and Kenyans have leaked in, but they are "different" from American Blacks) 50 years later.

Mexicans in Indiana/Michigan/Maine/Montana? Are you with the embassy? In States not bordering the Failed Country of Mexico, most of the people of Mexican National Origin are breaking US law by being here. They crossed unlawfully, overstayed, have fake ID, failed to keep residency addresses and status updated and have failed to depart. I'm sure living among a large criminal population is hard on US Citizens who are hard to distinguish from illegals, but having a passport on your person is not a great burden to avoid pretty big trouble with Police and INS who ought to get to doing their job saving the nation.

Mexican Nationals in the USA can best exercise their "human" rights, "civil" rights, and Natural Rights inside the borders of the Failed State of Mexico.


I am wondering where the protesters threatening to "kill more cops" are hiding their rifles? They don't have any firearms with barrels longer than 4" because there is no function for such weapon inside the "illegal community".

DREAM Act is an Orwellian NewSpeak name for Amnesty2 and more chain migration that can't be sent back (and can vote D even from Mexico).

All the police officers I have spoken with want to run ICE background checks on every single traffic stop and every contact they make, knowing that such action would result in a few arrests and thousands of "self-deports" (no charge!) within weeks.

"The Coming Latino Revolt" and the "Silicone Blackface Bankrobber" make for interesting companion articles.


Xenophon said...

Gutierrez may have a high profile but he doesn't speak for me or my friends. We've chosen sides and for sure it's not his. Our families (past and present) have had enough of Latin American despots, dictators, and corrupto-crats. If he really wants to do good, his ass ought to be in Mexico where a few good men are badly needed to tend to things there.

Dedicated_Dad said...

Take it to the streets?

Step lightly, puta.


pdxr13 said...

One-Hundred Heads. "Literally."

Americans are angry because:

The banks knew they were making bad loans and didn't care. The people who took those bad loans went under. The lenders who made them got bailed out, which effectively means that the people got billed twice - first they got bilked, then they were assessed to pay for the losses that the robber created. That's backwards - the robber should be fined (e.g. his yacht and home in the Hamptons confiscated) and jailed for his conduct, not bailed out.

The fraud hasn't stopped. Not only were the robbers not punished they continue to steal. Foreclosuregate anyone? Foreclosing without the legal paperwork, telling people to intentionally default to get a modification and then refusing it, 150,000+ admitted cases of perjurous documents filed with state courts, the list goes on and on.
Angry? Yeah. The American people want heads. Literally.

They're entitled to them too given what happened.

-Karl Denninger

This from a financial/software guy who looks conventionally respectable in a suit,

not some crazy one-per-cent remnant mercury-dimes-only 3-fingered one-eyed off-grid doomer with scurvy.

Just sayin'...

Karl and Mike are converging.


Pat H. said...

Dey goan spit in ur tacos, man.

Anonymous said...

As the grandson of legal Mexican-American immigrants, I have only this to say to Mr. Gutierrez...

Bring it, cabrón!

And I'm sure Padre y Abuelo would say the same.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone looked at the Illinois 4th congressional district? It's listed in the wikipedia article on gerrymandering as an example, and it's pretty much the most ridiculous one.

Anonymous said...

2 Latin Animista Democrats were beaten in Texas, in the last election in supposedley safe districts (Voting Rights Act-gerrymandered). If Illinois is ever freed from the Democrats (cold day in Hell?) these fools are done.

We need to run some Alvin Verdes in the D primaries...