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Entryism: Why and How Collectivist Extremists Seek to Infiltrate Popular Movements

A popular front is a broad coalition of different political groupings, often made up of leftists and centrists who are united by opposition to another group (most often fascist or far-right groups). Being very broad, they can sometimes include centrist and liberal (or "bourgeois") forces as well as socialist and communist ("working-class") groups. Popular fronts are larger in scope than united fronts, which contain only working-class groups.

In addition to the general definition, the term "popular front" also has a specific meaning in the history of Europe and the United States during the 1930s, and in the history of Communism and the Communist Party. During this time, the "popular front" referred to the alliance of political parties in France aimed at resisting Fascism. The term "national front", similar in name but describing a different form of ruling, using ostensibly non-Communist parties which were in fact controlled by and subservient to the Communist party as part of a "coalition", was used in Central and Eastern Europe during the Cold War. -- Wikipedia.

Well, folks, here we are in the first decade of the 21st Century and the same collectivist maggots who crawled out in the last decade of the 20th are showing up again, trying to attach themselves to popular movements. Back in my Benedict Arnold period, we communists called this "working the Popular Front." Today, some refer to this as "entryism."

As I am very busy at the moment, I think the easiest way to explain this is to let one of the maggots explain the process to you himself.

Meet Troy Southgate. Troy is British and among other things runs a website called Synthesis, founded in 2000 with his Aryan bud, Michael Lujan - a former member of America's White Order of Thule. The front name chosen for this is "Le Cercle de la Rose Noire," or, The Circle of the Black Rose which blends politics, music, paganism and the occult.

Southgate's avowed politics are something called "National Anarchism." To judge from Synthesis, it is, well, here are the titles of some recent articles

The Role of Sex and Gender in Odinism by Eowyn

National-Anarchism: The Way of the Future by Flavio Goncalves

The Social Vision of Valentin Rasputin by Matthew Raphael Johnson (MBV: Rasputin?)

The Pagan Resurrection by Richard Rudgley Reviewed By Andreas Faust

Hitler's Tempation by Michael Walker Reviewed By Troy Southgate

You're welcome to go to his web site here if you wish to learn more. If you're just a typical American patriot raised on the old verities who believes in free people and free markets and the God of David and the Christ, you'll find it a bizarre alternate universe.

But, no matter. The point is that Southgate has given us a collectivist manual of subversion that even a communist would understand.

Southgate's career is filled with such "Entryism" examples. Wikipedia reports, among others, that Southgate and friends have infiltrated the British environmentalists as well as:

In 2001, Troy Southgate and the NRF were the subject of a Sunday Telegraph article, in which the NRF was accused of being a neo-Nazi organisation infiltrating animal rights groups in order to spread fascism.

Anyway, my point is not to try to make sense of Southgate's excrement stew of a philosophy but to let you read for yourself why and how the neoNazis, anti-semites, Kluxers and "Mistaken Identities" are once again casting about popular movements like the Tea Parties and others.

You will see from Southgate's cold-blooded analysis that it would be a mistake to make common cause with such people. The moment they become successful, the shiv is between your ribs, not theirs. Another instructive work is The Turner Diaries.

Do not underestimate these people's capacity for destruction.


The Case For National-Anarchist Entryism

By Troy Southgate

WE have suggested entryism as a means of revolutionary agitation in the past, most notably in 'Revolutionary Action: A Booklet For The Cadre' (The Rising Press, 1995). Here I will seek to further elaborate on this tactic and provide National-Anarchists with a few guidelines which may help them in the future. It does not compromise the security of our current operations, because at this stage nobody has the slightest clue about what we are really up to. Furthermore, of course, we hope that it will encourage others to join us.

We have made no secret of our dissatifaction with the tactics of most racial separatist organisations in this country, in fact it is clear to us that the farcical manner in which they approach political action is merely bringing us closer to the day when we are completely defeated. Up until now, groups of this nature have indulged in electioneering and street activism like paper sales, postering, stickering and leafletting. Our thoughts on electioneering are already fairly well known, but there is still a place for street activism. Indeed, intelligent street propaganda can lead to very effective results. The problems begin whenever we come to rely on these methods as our sole means of political agitation. There are two reasons why this is so. Firstly, it beggars belief that some people can be so utterly naive as to think that revolution will come from plastering the streets with stickers and posters and that by some miracle the populace will rally to our cause.

Anyone who has been active for any significant period of time will know how ridiculous this is. Secondly, it is precisely because the State has cut off (or rather thinks that it has cut off) all other avenues through which we can get our message across to a wider audience that nearly all activists have been forced into relying upon the dead-end practice of disseminating posters and stickers. The State is perfectly happy to let us indulge in such activity, because it knows how little we can gain from such a strategy. Indeed, if this kind of activism was ever considered to be a real threat to the State then it would have been banned immediately.

National-Anarchists are not prepared to let the State dictate which activities we can or cannot pursue. We realise that potentially, at least, we could well become the subjects of widespread State repression and that it is becoming increasing difficult to operate, but instead of becoming pessimistic or defeatist all that is required is a little more intelligent thought. Standing back and taking stock of the situation can often help to overcome some of the most seemingly impracticable difficulties. And one of the most useful solutions we have at our disposal is entrytism.

Entrytism is the name given to the process of entering or infiltrating bona fide organisations, institutions and political parties with the intention of either gaining control of them for our own ends, misdirecting or disrupting them for our own purposes or converting sections of their memberships to our cause.

This tactic has already been used sccessfully by the Militant Tendency in Liverpool, which managed to gain control of the Labour Party in that city and ended up effectively running Liverpool itself. Decades of postering and paper sales will not get us into that position and, if we continue down the road of street activism alone, at best we shall recruit a decent activist from time to time in order to replace those who retire or drop out. In effect, we will retain our current strength. It is also possible that we could decline to a position where it is no longer viable to continue the struggle. Entryism, therefore, is vital for the continuation and longevity of our cause and from it comes the only possible chance of victory. Look at it this way: much of what passes for the Far Left has no viable ideology, it has nothing to say and its ideas are completely unworkable. Yet it has influence. This influence is partly due to organisational strategy. On the other hand, we have good ideas and very little influence whatsoever. This can only be the result of poor tactical organisation and weak strategy. Therefore what is required is an adoption of the kind of strategy which, up to now, has been used by the Left.

So how do we pursue entryism? Firstly, it takes the right kind of person or group to engage in this kind of work. What we require are intelligent individuals who are familiar with National-Anarchist ideas and look the part. Normally, these people would be under the direction of a more experienced cadre, but this is not essential as long as they know what they are doing. Not everyone is suited to this kind of work, however, because individuals who have a high profile or a past history of street activism must be excluded. People who have blown their cover, so to speak, are really no use to us in this regard. Secondly, the target organisation must be chosen very carefully. The way to do this is to choose any number of active organisations in a given locality and visit them all over a period of time, if possible with different activists. It is often the case that individuals already active with one organisation will also be members of a number of other groups in the area, and we do not want to draw attention to ourselves at this early stage. Once the information has been gathered, you will know which organisation has the most potential.

So what are we looking for? Any organisation with a weak, apathetic or elderly leadership. An organisation that has a youth section or youthful membership; groups that contain middle-aged, middle-class or self-satisfied individuals are no use to us. What we need is an organisation that has idealists, people motivated by ideology and an organisation that has - or could have - some form of influence, given the right leadership, in the community.

Once the target has been chosen, get one or two people to join through the usual channels (i.e. membership forms, invitations to meetings etc.). Appear keen, but not over keen and keep your politics to yourself. Show interest. If you are asked to do anything then do it diligently, work hard. Be courteuous, pleasant, cultivate relationships and make friends. By all means have an opinion, but keep your politics to yourself. Let some time elapse, perhaps six months or a year, and then get more of our people to join. You were already friends, so it will not arouse suspicion when you associate together. You will take the credit for bringing extra people on board and increasing the organisation's membership. Leave it for another six months, possibly more, and then begin to turn up the heat.

Single out those individuals who may be more sympathetic towards National-Anarchist ideas and start to work on them. Slowly, quietly and with a degree of subtlety. Do not arouse suspicion, make friends with those concerned and arrange to meet him or her outside of the organisation's own events. Make them part of our group without them even knowing who we are. Flatter them, buy them drinks, make them feel welcome, but keep your politics to yourselves. Let some more time elapse and then start to increase the heat even more. Start to criticise the target organisation, perhaps you can pick out something which the membership is clearly not happy with. Do this within your own group. Get one of our people, maybe even two, to argue against you so that no suspicion is aroused. Don't let the person or people you are working on think that you are in league with one another, but make sure that your 'opponents' eventually capitulate and come over to your side of the argument.

This is the most important part of the whole operation. It is hard and takes a lot of time, so be very patient. Don't rush it, stay calm and just take your time. Persevere. Slowly, quietly, try to expand the group. Make more friends and get even more of our people to join. You are beginning to get noticed, there are a few of you now and some of the other members may begin to wonder what is happening. Just relax. There is nothing going on and you're all friends working for the same cause. Nobody realises who you really are or what you actually represent. If possible, try to get some of our people elected to the steering committee. Get them into positions of responsibility. See if you can become the treasurer. But don't push too hard too fast. It must seem like a natural process.

Go as far as you can by cultivating friendships and relationships. How many people we have at this stage will dictate just how successful the final outcome will be. Now is the time to decide which way you want to go with the organisation. You may wish to settle with what you have or try to attain a position of power from which you you can gather information. You may feel that some of the people you have been working on can be recruited to the cause of National-Anarchism itself, if this is the case then attempt to recruit them. If you are successful and the target organisation has nothing left to offer, simply move on to somewhere else.

There may be another scenario. It may be the case that the organisation you have joined has no immediate potential and you may not be able to have any influence or get anything from it. Even so, it may be a organisation that we need to have an influence in as it may well play a vital role in a revolutionary situation. If this is the case then you must stay in and persevere, only becoming active for our own cause when the time is right. We are preparing for the future. The goal is long-term and we must get people into society's institutions right now.

Another option could be a public defection. If you have managed to work your way up into the hierarchy of an organisation and have a few people around you with some influence, it could be the case that a very public defection either by you or your group to National-Anarchism would be very beneficial. We achieved this in 1997, when the two main organisers in the Burnley branch of the British National Party (BNP) came over to the English Nationalist Movement (ENM) and brought several West Yorkshire activists with them. Imagine the media scrum that would occur if a local councillor or politician left in order to join the ranks of National-Anarchism. The more respected the individual concerned, the more damage it will cause to the Establishment. And it is usually the case that if one prominent individual defects, he or she will bring many others with them.

The final option is the most exciting and has great potential. It is that of attempting to take over, from within, the organisation which you have targetted and then recruiting it in the servce of our own agenda. If such an organisation has influence within the community or even power over it, we will find ourselves in a position of great strength.

The first step is to form a faction, a fighting propaganda group within the target organisation. Pick an ideological line that is in tune with our own position and which attacks the current position of the organisation and, most importantly, is an idea or set of ideas that are seen to be just and to which people can rally. The methods to use are leaflets, bulletins, meetings, open debates, talks and social gatherings. Once the faction has been formed the momentum must be kept up and you must move quicky. The target organisation's leadership will be alarmed and, sooner or later, they will have to act in order to stop you. Fight back. Get the youth on your side, openly attack the current leadership, intervene in their meetings, heckle them, upstage them. When you have won enough people, call on the membership to oust the leadership and replace it with our own people. These will be our first victories. This is entryism. This is revolutionary action. The organisation is now in our hands and we can do whatever we like with it.

It must be understood that if we are to improve the fortunes of National-Anarchism in this country and elsewhere, the strategy outlined in this article is one that we must pursue and begin immediately. There are no barriers for us. There are no organisations or institutions that we cannot enter. Some might say that we should avoid the enemy and stay away from those over whom it has influence. No. We target them all. The enemy has always done likewise and has never hesitated when it comes to destroying or undermining us. We must now set about destroying and undermining them. It is the case that many organisations currently dominated by both Left and Right simply need turning away from their present ideology and setting on the National-Anarchist path. This is work that we ourselves must do. Even if we can't win them to our cause we can still get in amongst them and mess them up. Up until now we have always tried to fight the enemy overtly, but no longer. We must crush them from within.

The State fears nothing more than an organised current of insurgency that can use its head. Currently, groups like the BNP and NF are using the political means which have been prescribed for them by the state itself. Indeed, whether it be the ridiculous sham of electioneering or the part-time hobbyists trapped in a dead-end cycle of street activism, the State can easily cope with them and always will. The British Establishment has had thirty years experience in Ulster to work out the methods it will use against subversives on the mainland. We know that the ballot box has nothing to offer us. We know that we cannot presently use freedom fighters to liberate our land, so therefore we must forge a new way.

This new way is entryism, working within society's institutions and organisations with committed revolutionaries. At this stage in our development, it is the only logical course of action. In the long-term, it is the only possible road to victory.


sofa said...

"The final option is the most exciting and has great potential. It is that of attempting to take over, from within, the organisation which you have targetted and then recruiting it in the servce of our own agenda."-from the article

Does that describe the muslim-in-chief, or what?

The koran encourages muslim entryism.

Dutchman6 said...

The principle is the same, no matter what brand of collectivism is using the tools.

Dr.D said...

I don't know anything about "National Anarchism" but it doesn't sound anything like the anarchy I know ( no rulers). It is a state that our founders and forefathers did understand and were able to largely codify in the constitution.
Never the less this British wanker has something here that we need to take a long look at. If it can work for collectivists then we individualist's should be able to kick ass at it. After all we have freedom and liberty on our side plus most of us are older and smarter that a bunch of 20-40 something collectivist punks
(having learned it the hard way).


Brock Townsend said...

Evidently, he allows no comments.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. I only got three paragraphs in before I started feeling dirty. What an oily little weasal.


HPL said...

La Raza is another example. They do the same. A radical Marxist org that has successfully entered and attached itself to the Hispanic community, similar to what the Black Panthers and Nation of Islam have done in the black community, and what the neo-Nazis who still worship that homosexual prostitute from Vienna are now doing in the white community - worming their way in, hiding their ultimate agenda of a totalitarian state with them at the top.

Collectivist, fascist and Marxist trash, all of em. Deadly enemies of our Republic, all of them. Your mortal enemies, all of em.

Treat them accordingly.


Chaplain Tim said...

"Le Cercle de la Rose Noire," or, The Circle of the Black Rose which blends politics, music, paganism and the occult.

Hmmmm, The black rose has specific meaning in the "language of flowers", mainly unrequited love or a (mortally) broken heart. They're actually a dark purple, not really black.

There is an organization based in DC that calls itself "Black Rose", it is a BDSM (fetish sex- think whips and chains) club with national outreach. This and other variations of the same theme have attracted the "Goth" type to use the black rose as a symbol. Self-destructive and nihilistic people with no "base" or sense of self-worth are drawn to these things. Do not underestimate the abilities of people who have nothing to lose, simply because they have given it all away. Suicide bombers are made this way.