Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ever ask yourself WHY neo-Nazis and Mistaken Identities commit violent acts?

Here, courtesy of David Codrea, are the first six chapters of an old hate-filled anti-semite's book called "Kill the Best Gentiles!" With luck, the anal sphincter who wrote it will be dead by morning and roasting in Hell a second or two later.

The big-time "racial warrior" managed to kill a security guard at the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. as described here. He is even now being celebrated on racist and anti-semite web sites. Big deal. A gang-banger on meth could have done a better technical job. If this is their idea of a "racial warrior" then so's Mickey Mouse.

Kindly read the article and I will have a comment on the other side.


Gunman shoots, kills, guard at Holocaust Museum

Jun 10 03:40 PM US/Eastern


Associated Press Writer

(AP) - An elderly gunman opened fire with a rifle inside the crowded U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum on Wednesday, killing a security guard before being shot.

Authorities said they were investigating a white supremacist as the suspect.

The assailant was hospitalized in critical condition, Washington, D.C., Mayor Adrian Fenty said.

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier said the gunman was "engaged by security guards immediately after entering the door" with a rifle. "The second he stepped into the building he began firing."

One law enforcement official said James Von Brunn, 89, a white supremacist, was under investigation in the shooting, and a second official said the elderly man's car was found near the museum and tested for explosives. They spoke on condition of anonymity, saying they were not authorized to discuss the investigation just beginning.

Von Brunn has a racist, anti-Semitic Web site and wrote a book titled "Kill the Best Gentiles."

In 1983, he was convicted of attempting to kidnap members of the Federal Reserve Board. He was arrested two years earlier outside the room where the board was meeting, carrying a revolver, knife and sawed-off shotgun. At the time, police said Von Brunn wanted to take the members hostage because of high interest rates and the nation's economic difficulties.

Writings attributed to Von Brunn on the Internet say the Holocaust was a hoax and decry a Jewish conspiracy to "destroy the white gene pool."

"At Auschwitz the 'Holocaust' myth became Reality, and Germany, cultural gem of the West, became a pariah among world nations," the writing said.

The museum houses exhibits and records relating to the Holocaust more than a half century ago in which more than six million Jews were killed by the Nazis.

Museum officials identified the guard who was killed as Stephen T. Johns. In an e-mail, director Sara Bloomfield said he "died heroically in the line of duty."

The museum where he worked is located across the street from the National Mall, and within sight of the Washington Monument. The museum, which draws about 1.7 million visitors each year, was closed for the day after the shooting, and nearby streets were cordoned off by police. Surrounding roads were closed at least temporarily and blocked off with yellow tape. Police cars and officers on horseback surrounded the area.

The attack was the third in a recent wave of unsettling shootings that appeared to have political underpinnings.

A 23-year-old Army private, William Andrew Long, was shot and killed outside a recruiting office this month in Arkansas and a fellow soldier was wounded. The suspect, a Muslim convert, has said he considers the killing justified because of the U.S. military presence in the Middle East.

Late last month, abortion provider Dr. George Tiller was shot to death in his church.

At the White House a few blocks away from the Museum, press secretary Robert Gibbs said he informed President Barack Obama of the events and the chief executive was "obviously saddened by what has happened."

Only last week, Obama visited the site of a German concentration camp at Buchenwald in Germany where he noted, "There are those who insist the Holocaust never happened." He added, "This place is the ultimate rebuke to such thoughts, a reminder of our duty to confront those who would tell lies about our history."

The museum normally has a heavy security presence with guards positioned both inside and outside. All visitors are required to pass through metal detectors at the entrance, and bags are screened.

Linda Elston, who was visiting the museum from Nevada City, Calif., said she was on the lower level of the museum watching a film when she and others were told to evacuate.

"It was totally full of people," Elston said. "It took us a while to get out."
She said she didn't hear any shots and didn't immediately know why there was an evacuation. The experience left her feeling "a little anxious," she said.

A museum official said a couple of thousand people were inside the facility when the shooting broke out.

The museum, the largest U.S. memorial to the Holocaust, opened in 1993 and has been a target of at least one domestic terrorism threat in the past. In 2002, prosecutors said two members of white supremacist groups had plotted to build a fertilizer bomb—like the one used to destroy an Oklahoma City federal building—to blow up the Holocaust museum. Authorities said the two had plotted to incite a race war.

MBV: Ever ask yourself why neo-Nazis and Mistaken Identities commit violent acts?

Look again at the last sentence of the above story. These racist cretins are stupid like a fox. They know that they'll never be able to convince enough people politically to adopt their pus-filled beliefs. What they count on is provoking the government by their terrorist acts into cracking down on American gun owners in order to start an American civil war, race war, any kind of war. In the blood and chaos, they expect to be able to advance their cause by manipulating well-intentioned fools (Lenin called such people useful idiots) into doing their bidding. These people will tie their flank to the racial collectivists in the expectation that they are allies, only to find at the end a knife in the ribs or a bullet in the back. How do I know this? Why I've read the Turner Diaries, the neoNazi onanist fantasy. (And yes I mean onanist, not Odinist. Look it up.)

People ask me why I am so intolerant of anti-semites and racists.

It is because I am an ex-collectivist myself. I know how these people think and what they dream at night. Do you know what they dream?

The Nazis, the hard-core Norse biker god Nazis, believe that Jesus was an effeminate Jew and fodder for the gas chambers.

The Identities, not happy with the way God and his Son the Christ have made men in God's image, are trying to remake God in THEIR image.

But at the end of the day, all of them dream of a "racially pure" world and the rest of us -- that is all of us who do not agree and all of our kind, men, women and children -- in mass graves. ALL. OF. US.

Get it?

That is why they assassinate people and blow things up (when they're able to screw up their courage to do so). They want the government to react blindly and to radicalize us into working with them.

And the gangster government, that part of it that is all tyrannical appetite, is more than happy that they do it.

As I continue my series tomorrow on Mistaken Indentities and who Scott Roeder really worships, I will discuss what we can expect to see in the future, how the militia movement dealt with it in the past, and how gangster government uses these filthy pieces of moral smegma as catspaws. I will also discuss how we can beat them.


ParaPacem said...

I am probably the LAST person to be into all manner of conspiracies - BUT - I have had enough experience first hand with agents provocateur to know that even 'Manchurian" style manipulation can occur with those who are mentally deranged and very suggestible... so my question would be, WHO is behind some of this conveniently timed stuff? Who pulls the strings to make the puppets dance?
Now - if they can only tie this elderly insane geezer guy to the pro-life movement, the RKBA movement, threepers and any men's Bible study group in the country, they will be ready to start lining up the door-kickers.

The Hunter said...

Let us leave aside all talk of conspiracy for the moment, and ask a really simple question. Given this guy's record, and the fact that it has been publicly stated he was currently under investigation - why in HELL was he not rotting in a cell somewhere? Just another glaring example of the "catch and release" policies in action.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much of an effect Obama's "Delenda est Israel" tour that he just took in the Middle East had on this lunatic?

The man screwed up the "courage" somehow, and I can't help but think that the Messiah's inept maneuverings against Israel, along with all the other pro-Palestine mutterings on the left, finally motivated him to take direct action.

Anonymous said...

It barely makes sense. Seriously.

It's a museum. All kinds of people go there. I used to live a few blocks from it and visited on occasion while heading to my favorite place to meditate and think about life (The Jefferson Memorial). (meditate also included trying to meet single girls...)

I can guarantee that if this douche bag had a Jewish momma he wouldn't have been such a fuck-up (Read Guy Otem's theories on civilization being carried forward through dominant females and you will know what I mean).

btw screwing with Fed members I can sort of get behind (kidding) but I would rather support Ron Paul's 'Audit the Fed' bill > HR 1207 (not kidding).


A Texan said...

I am Jewish. Years ago I bought "The Turner Diaries" just to see what was in it - to know my enemy. It is just a bunch of hateful filth, as you say an Onanist fantasy for those who know only how to hate.

ParaPacem said...

Anonymous number one hit a point that had NEVER occurred to me!!!
When will the media blame Obongo for motivating this guy via his hate speech toward the Jews!!
When will he be charged and arrested by the DOJ under Hate Crimes legislation? When will Keith Untermann and Chris Matthews and Katie Couric begin televising the breaking story? And when will that asshat libtard Letterman make some jokes about it?

pdxr13 said...

"The Turner Diaries" is an action/fantasy novel for people who can't read very well. The author forgot to do some fleshing-out of the characters beyond the black&white line cartoon stage. I, too, was interested in it only because of the ADL promotion (what the h*ll are the talking about?)and based on the first few chapters, would have not finished it except for the promise of something really outrageous that would have inspired "haters" everywhere. I was totally disappointed by the last page: a complete waste of 2 hours.

I won't say that a movie won't be made of TTD, because much worse dreck has been re-purposed for the screen.

Mind Control seems almost plausible , given that the people who shoot up mosques, synagogues, museums, churches are so inept and unaware of the (is there?) objective.

Why did we close the State mental hospital system in the early 1980's? Tell me again how much money was saved....

Sean said...

And after I read Mike's take on this(clear,concise,logical) I realize that, like Mongo, Sean just pawn, in game of life. Oh, gotta go, Candy-Gram at door.

CorbinKale said...

I have been seeing the news clips with statements from the authorities. I am astounded that NONE of them know what weapon was used by Brunn. Can't they just look at it and know what it is? Is there some legal reason that they are purposely not saying what rifle was used?