Monday, June 22, 2009

"Is ATF using 'heavy-handed tactics' on border state gun owners?" Gee, I dunno, is the Pope Catholic?

"We're from the government and we're here to help."

My good friend and fellow blogger-in-arms David Codrea asks this question in his Gun Examiner column: Is ATF using 'heavy-handed tactics' on border state gun owners?

I dunno, is the Pope Catholic? Do bears crap in the woods? Is a frog's ass water tight? Is Waco Jim Cavanaugh a cross-dresser? (I made that last one up.) But seriously, the ATF "heavy-handed"? It's who they ARE.

You can find David's article here, and if you're not making David's Examiner column and his blog, War on Guns, regular stops, you should be.


"Now that we've helped you, we'll be on our way. Send the bill to Congress, and your plea for justice to God. He's the only one who will hear you. We work for the other guy."


Mayberry said...

All I can say is that I will not comply. And I can proudly say that most Texans would tell some over zealous ATF agent to go to hell....

Mayberry III

Anonymous said...

I was present at a border gunshop when they had a visit. Cars with Virginia plates are not exactly common down in Texas so I figured what was going on. They were polite but very interested in one particular 4473 with multiple purchases on it.
Regarding visits to individual gun owners, one gun shop that has now closed had a land office business going supplying a crooked LEO with guns to be resold in Mexico. Most people that bought a fairly infamous FN product legally also got a home visit......