Friday, June 12, 2009

To the "Joints" from yesterday: My tax dollars at piss-poor work.

Joint Task Force Surveillance Training: Swift, silent, stupid.

F Troop Rides Again

Very sloppy field craft. VERY sloppy. I am not getting my tax dollars' worth from you guys. Can't you do better than THAT?!? I mean, where's the sophisticated electronics that are supposed to give you stand off ability? Is it a matter of priorities? What am I, chopped liver? Sheesh.

Waco Jim, you need to spank your children and urge them to be smarter, if that's possible. I mean, what if they had to cover somebody really dangerous like a biker gang or MS-13 or something, instead of just an old, fat white guy with a cane whose only crime is that he publicly disses your otherwise "pristine" reputation?

Answer: They'd be dead.

What? You don't like these guys? Leadership means driving your people to be the best as this is the most effective way of taking care of them. These guys weren't even up to the standards of the 90s, and they were piss poor back then. With skills like that, they'd get creamed in a truly dangerous environment.

Goodness gracious, if you're going to pretend to be America's jack-booted Stasi, at least demonstrate SOME competence. What wannabes.

"Howls of derisive laughter, Bruce." -- Monty Python.


Anonymous said...

Not sure what this blog was about, but I loved the spy vs spy photo. Such funny memories of Mad Magazine from yester year.

B Woodman

Johnny said...

At least it shows they care, Mike. You must be doing something right.

Anonymous said...

Be Vewey Quiet the ATF U is hunting Mike

Defender said...

If they're trying to intimidate you, Mr. V., they obviously do not grasp the situation. Even I, a newcomer to this site, know you better than that.
If they have a problem with being compared to the SA and Stasi, then they COULD stop behaving like them. That would be a sign of intelligence, maturity, and dedication to justice rather than to accumulating notches on their gunbelts. Do they have the stones to be real men instead of lackeys?

ScottJ said...

You mean to tell me Jim C. who I have on video tape lying about the use of .50 BMG at Waco is still polluting our great state.

I figured he would have been figured out for the douche he is and run out of town by now or would have moved on to what he viewd as more glamorous gigs.

ParaPacem said...

"Waco Jim, you need to spank your children" -

Hard to do, when you spend your day spanking the monkey ;o)

Atlas Shrug said...

What can you say?

How 'bout:



Mike H said...

We can always tell when we are being followed. Predick-ta-bull.

Hey boys and girls, we are going out later today grocery shopping. Tag along!

Happy D said...

Any tips on how what to do when you suspect they are following you?
Normally I would call the "only ones".
That may still be A good idea.
911 Operator;What is the nature of your emergency?
911 Caller; I think I am being followed by group of armed men.
A call best made from a location with lots of security cameras so the police can collect evidence that the bad men were following you.