Wednesday, June 17, 2009

KABA in need of funds to keep operating.

I checked with Larry Pratt about the Olofson fund and right now they are staying slightly ahead of the bills. If that were not the case, I would broadcast another appeal for David instead of passing this one on from Keep and Bear Arms.

From the time of its founding by Angel Shamaya, I have always found KABA to be the best and quickest way to find out what the headlines in the gun rights world are. As you will see below, they need help now to stay afloat. If you can afford it, send them a little something. Go to this link and click on the appropriate means of donation for you. Thanks.



June 8, 2009

Dear Friend of

Our website is experiencing a critical cash flow problem this spring & summer.
We have so many urgent needs at the moment. In particular getting caught up on bills owed.

We are also trying to expand the number of gun owners that visit our site before Congress and many state legislatures take up new gun control measures. To do so requires us to place banner ads on other sites and ads in search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

We plan on expanding our reach with more news, information, and grassroots action projects to expose and defeat the enemies of freedom.

Help us send a loud and clear message to the United Nations, Brady Center, Million Mom March, Violence Policy Center, and the entire anti-gun rights movement.

BUT, at this time, we need funds. SO, if you can join, renew, and/or make a mid-year contribution RIGHT NOW, it will help us immensely. We need to raise $9,870.00 from generous donors to meet our obligations.

For those of you who can help, thanks a million!

Thanks so much from all of us here at

Alan, Julie, Joe, Peggy, Bruce, and Mark


Uncle Lar said...

Y'all, I know money is tight right now, but if you have a steady job and visit KABA even semi regularly, then why aren't you a subscriber? Not to put too sharp a point on this, but put your money where your mouth is or admit to one and all that you're all mouth. The price of a beer or two a month buys a year's subscription at $25. And if you're especially blessed consider throwing a few bucks at the Olafson family support fund. He is truly out there at the pointy end of things for the rest of us and his family could sure use the help.
And yes, I do contribute to both as well as SAF, GOA, and a couple of legal defense funds. Other than my yearly dues and the occasional roundup at component vendors I do not give the NRA any additional funds. Too much of what they do does not deserve my support IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Good luck fund raising now, people spent all their available buying and stashing G and A (ugh...)

thedweeze said...

I've noticed the welcome absence of both Tim and Deadeye over there, so perhaps I'll send them some money.

Uncle Lar said...

Yeah, due to the increase in a very few individuals depositing disjointed off topic rants on KABA they have had to adopt minimal registration to post comments. All due to a few inconsiderate jerks with tinfoil hat agendas that abused the open forum the site offered.
A$$hats every one.