Saturday, June 13, 2009

Attention all Threepers and Badge-Heavy "Joints."

I'll be at the Bessemer gun show this weekend. See you there. Look for the fat old white guy with white-grey hair, bushy black eyebrows and a cane. I'll be wearing a light brown shirt and the Sipsey Street sign will be posted somewhere nearby. If you can't find me with that description, "Waco Jim," your "joints" are as blind as I think they are.

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j said...

Actually, Mike may not be that apparent... at the last gun show, he was so incognito that he was amazed when I saw through his disguise. He had made himself appear to be a busty raven-haired woman in tank top and snug jeans with a butterfly tattoo on the shoulder. In spite of my casual and friendly manner, he became so flustered at my keen perseption that he threatened to have the cops throw me out if I didn't leave him alone.
Later I saw him back at the table, and he had changed into his more recognizeable form of being a nice looking six-footer with his trademark typical Southern mullet. We had a great visit although until this day he denies it was him in the tank top. What a kidder!