Sunday, June 28, 2009

"What's the Rush" on Amnesty?: Why November 2010, of course.

What's the Rush?

Interesting analyses of National Review Corner columnist Mark Krikorian here which buttresses my argument here on why the rush to amnesty for illegals. ("The Powers That Be." How can you tell this will only end in violence?)


What's the Rush?

[Mark Krikorian]

Yesterday's twice-delayed White House pep rally for amnesty offered no surprises, other than the exclusion of Steve King, who's just, you know, the ranking Republican on the House immigration subcommittee. In fact, despite the meeting's billing as broadly inclusive, only three of the 30 members of Congress there were opposed to amnesty: Sen. Jeff Sessions and Reps. Lamar Smith and Heath Shuler.

But a couple things were notable:

* McCain's still for amnesty, obviously, but he's digging in his heels insisting that it be coupled with massive increases in future immigration (packaged as a "temporary" worker program). This is because the two main labor federations, the AFL-CIO and Change to Win (led by the SEIU) have agreed to oppose the inclusion of any guestworker programs in an amnesty bill. What they're backing instead is a standing commission to determine future levels of immigration. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the other cheap-labor lobbyists are rightly concerned that this is a bait-and-switch just like they pulled on us with regard to enforcement in 1986; in other words, the lefties would get their amnesty up front, and business would get promises of future cheap labor — promises that they fear would be abandoned. The unions haven't really switched back to the restrictionist side, but the logic of reduced immigration is inescapable, even for the culturally leftist post-Americans in charge of organized labor today.

* Some of the comments after the meeting by amnesty supporters were hyperbolic in their sense of urgency. For instance, from Reuters:

If Congress cannot meet that deadline, "we may not get to do it for a generation," Schumer said.

Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican, also said he saw only "one more chance" to pass a bill because of the political heat that immigration reform stirs up.

"If we can't get it done this time around, no politician is going to take this up in a generation. That would be a shame for this country," Graham said.

Assuming this isn't just political spin, I'm not sure what they're so worried about.

Either they're afraid that enforcement really can reduce the overall illegal population, in which case the problem would seem to be that they don't want any illegals to go home (which I suspect is the case). Or, if there's no stepped-up enforcement (or if enforcement doesn't work, despite evidence to the contrary), then the failure of another big amnesty push would simply result in continued growth of the illegal population, giving amnesty boosters plenty of opportunities to revisit the issue, long before a "generation" passes.


straightarrow said...

The rush is simple. No matter what deductions or exemptions are claimed the one tax that gets paid on every wage is the FICA tax.

The hurry is very simple. The embezzlers are trying their damnedest to keep the system running enough to meet current obligations, else they may have to pay for their sins. The only way they can do that is to allow illegal employment of illegal aliens. Thus postponing the day of reckoning.

Maurice said...

The rush is to hit us with so many things, at a time that the country is so divided and even stunned and apathetic, that no one can contest too much every single bit of insanity coming down the pike from this Marxist Admin.

Note, too, there is NO rush when something is going on that Obama et al don't give a damn about, like Iranians who want freedom from the tyrants running their country. But Honduras gets rid of THEIR would-be tyrant, who was trying to illegally grab unconstitutional power there, and our Marxist leader was trying to meddle in THEIR affairs within minutes!

Same pattern when the Army recruiter William Long was murdered in Arkansas by a Muslim 'convert' recently. Nothing from Obama for a good long while, but when the late-term abortionist George Tiller was shot, there was an immediate response from President Hussein Stalin Obama.

I do agree the only reason the Dems and Leftists want illegals is to try to solve or help the demographic problem, that all govt. programs are going to go underwater (or are) because there are not enough healthy young workers to support the increasingly aging Baby Boomer population; it's the same pattern as in Europe, Russia and Japan. Every single country with a welfare system is going to fall apart because of the same demographic problem. The Europeans tried to solve it with North African i.e. Muslim workers. We're just trying to do it with Hispanics from south-of-the-border, but I believe Obama will also open the floodgates to Muslims (i.e. his brethren).

The rush for ALL programs is also part of the game plan; keep us unbalanced and try to do the maximal damage before we can figure out what hit us. We have to remember that most of the damage of these programs such as the stimulus bill and cap-and-trade has NOT started, and yet...on Friday, 5 more banks failed. If we think the economy is bad now, wait until the shit hits the fan. Same program that Hoover did in the 1930's...raise taxes..and cap-and-trade will be similar to Smoot-Hawley and its tariffs, which completed the going-over-the-cliff and made a severe recession turn into the Great Depression.