Friday, June 19, 2009

Note to "bhpete" and other folks sending me emails.

I often get emails that seem to be innocuous but that set off my virus warning. The reason could be innocent, or not. I have no way of knowing. In any case, please understand that I don't open such emails. So if you want to send me something, please eliminate imbedded images and fancy stuff beforehand.

If you have a straight up request, there is no need to adorn it. Likewise, although I often get e-cards and such, I NEVER open them. Caught a virus that way once. So, never again.

Insofar as request for reprint and forwarding, you have my permission as long as:

a. it is not posted on a racist or antisemitic site.

b. it is reprinted in its entirety, including the original date published.

c. it is fully credited with my name, email and blog address.

d. it is not used for fund-raising unless you have my separate, written permission.




TexasFred said...

I have the same personal policy, I won't open ANYTHING with attachments and if links make it appear viral, it's out of here...

That policy has pissed off a few folks, but it has saved my computer, and those folks aren't gonna buy me a NEW machine either I am betting!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving us permission to reprint your works. I always find them inspiring, and would always cite your work when I am writing essays of my own.

You have completely changed and influenced the way I write too :D

Kristopher said...

People should learn to stop sending emails with crap embedded in them.

Set your email program to plain text only.

If you need to send a file, upload the file to some webspace server, and just put a text link to the file in the email.

Email that tries to execute code on the recipient's PC is just plain rude.

rexxhead said...

Well, if all y'all would abandon Outlook and it's devil-spawn siblings and switch to something like Eudora you wouldn't have to worry. Eudora steps in front of anything trying to execute from the Inbox and blocks it.

BTW, TexasFred, I like your avatar.

SavageJay said...

Hey Mike, thanks for the prep...
I always wanted to email and ask a question but figured you got way too much email.

The question I've always wanted to ask you is WHERE IN THE HELL DO I GET A III FLAG LIKE THE ONE ON YOUR RIGHT SIDE INDEX????????????


tom said...

Run UNIX or LINUX and it's a non-issue because any malware, can at best only run at the user level, not the system admin level, and so nobody much bothers to write malware trying to attack *NIX boxes anyway and the ones they write are failures unless you surf the web and read email using the sysadmin account, which is a bit braindead. Been playing with and paid for working with computers for decades, about as long as I've been interested in firearms, and the only malware/virus issues I've ever had to fix were on Windows and old Mac OS boxes.

The learning curve isn't as steep as it used to be either. My dad started running Linux on his work laptop at age 65 and loves it. Only weakness is video games but neither of us play them so that issue is irrelevant to us.