Thursday, June 18, 2009

David Codrea on "The next step in the Fed plan."

As outlined in his latest Examiner column here.

Includes a complete embedded copy of the GAO report on Mexican gun trafficking. As he says, it appears agenda driven. Big surprise.

Read it and pass it on.



Moe Death said...

Plain as the coke-raddled nose on a totalitarian-tard's face. Glad I read Absolved online, 'cause I'm not sure we won't be busy before it sees print.

God bless all!


Oldfart said...

I don't think it will make any difference what we think or say. They will twist facts and data to support their plan and eventually impose every sort of infringement on our freedom. Since what we think and/or say will have so little bearing on their plans, we will have to back up our words with deeds.

I wish there was another way...

MPA dragon said...

Wow. They are going to come and hard... Wonder what the response from the 97% will be... I KNOW what the response of the 3% WILL be.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of "Absolved", the last chapter entry I can find is Rubicon" from 10/08. Am I looking in the wrong place or was that the end of the boook? Thanks.

Dutchman6 said...

Working on edit of manuscript now. I'm to the point where I no longer make predictions, I just keep working.

Oldfart said...

Yeah, I remember a prediction that it would be finished shortly after the first of the year. Having been through something like that before, I just smiled and thought, "Which year?"

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the 3 Percent, I don't think the anti-freedom extremists will only be facing against the 3 Percent of the devoted patriots now. Thanks to freedom-driven writers on massive social networking sites like Digg and Facebook, thousands upon thousands more are waking up to the naked truth and throwing away their brainwashing.

Have anybody noticed, recently on a site called Digg, the site owners took away the "SHOUT" function which enabled people to share messages and news with their friends? Instead of "SHOUTS", Digg profiles now use Twitter as a new communication system.

Does anyone know why they did something like that that would evidently cause them to lose a lot of customers? Digg claimed they did that to help boost consumer levels for Twitter, but that is pure BULLSH*T my friends. They ended SHOUTS because the conservatives and freedom-minded people on Digg has become a power to be reckoned with. Our voices, our writings, and our analysis of recent news events have gained far more readers and world wide attention than the leftist bloggers who always think they "ruled" Digg and Facebook.

Before Digg made the decision to end SHOUTS, leftist bloggers and commenters on Digg have already been complaining that our articles were becoming more popular than theirs. They even accused us of spamming, and tried to get us banned, but it didn't work. They became truly alarmed that our voices were waking up the masses by the hundreds, and even thousands. They only had one way to cut off our voice: by closing down the communication network that enabled Digg members to talk to each other.

The more people we wake up from the collectivist opium, the better for freedom's cause. The propaganda chess game is still going on, at full speed. The latest GOA "report" is one big move by the collectivist to surround our bishops and king. By trying to maintain media silence, they are hoping to make their move unnoticed by their opponent, like poker players switching cards while their opponent is lighting a cigar or going to the bathroom.

Don't look away from the chess board, or we will lose yet another round of this propaganda game. Our opponent is resorting to cheating now.

Defender said...

You may know about the case of the mother who helped a convicted sex offender friend escape from an Ohio halfway house. They're reported headed to the Southwest, last seen on security video in Colorado. Funny thing: despite the truck's unique appearance and the fact that they'e been traveling for almost a week, the FBI and Marshals Service complain they're getting no calls from citizens. Could it be that the People trust a not-bright mother more than they trust the Waco Killers and the Ruby Ridgerunners?
The feds say "POSSIBLY armed and dangerous." From a halfway house? I think peope are tired of their governments not keeping truly dangerous people out of society, and tired of media circuses making heroes of the cops no matter what they do, and supervillains of every wanted person. They're sitting this one out.
I don't think it will be the People who will have to run for the hills when the sorting begins.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Dutch.