Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit Would Like To Remind You: You Have No Right to a Fair Trial

I expect David Olofson and Gun Owners of America to seek a writ of Cert with SCOTUS, but the refusal for a rehearing enbanc was yesterday denied in the case of US v. Olofson.

Therefore, while you still have no right to expect a fair trial in the federal system, you still have the right to an unfair fire fight with the thugs they send to frame you.

This is going to get out of hand.


ScottJ said...

I'd say it's been out of hand since 1934 at least but certainly since 1968.

It just took us a long time to wake up to it.

Moe Death said...

I'd like to think that I know you better than that, but...

Gee, ya think?

Bill Donohue

Sean said...

Not out of hand yet. It's out of hand when you are afraid to close both eyes to sleep. But yeah, I agree, it's going to get out of hand. These things seem to have a momentum all their own. Ain't never seen a "fair" fire fight, boss. I think the general idea of both sides is to make it as unfair as possible, to the other guys. I always start off playing dirty to begin with, and go downhill from there.

Anonymous said...

Don't wory about fair trials.
Detentions of unlimited duration is the future.
Welcome to the Gulag.

Defender said...

Solzhenitsyn warned us. He was full of shame about what the Russian people SHOULD have done and when.
We're not Russians. Well, some of us aren't. Enough? We'll see.
Since they were federal law issues, I've writtten to my senators and congressman about the Olofson case, and the Lundeby case. No response. No reply IS a reply. I read it as "We know what we're doing, now go play in traffic, kid, ya bother me."