Friday, January 6, 2012

Breaking News by way of a Sipsey Street Exclusive: ATF Chief Counsel Rubenstein retiring 31 January. Another rat leaves the sinking ship. Plus, they're all acting now.

The last few times I've written about ATF Chief Counsel Steve "the Spider" Rubenstein here and here, I got in trouble with the Arachnid Anti-Defamation League for comparing him to honest, hard-working spiders. So, not wanting to upset the honest arachnids this time, how about if I compare him to a rat leaving a sinking ship? For that is exactly what I hear is happening. I just received this short email announcement from Waldo:
ATF Chief Counsel Steve Rubenstein is retiring affective Jan 31.
No other details have been confirmed at this time, but it is certain that Rubenstein was hip deep in any number of ATF scandals, including the Gunwalker conspiracy and cover-up. My sources, who have had a belly-full of Rubenstein's anti-gun agenda over the years, say he will not be missed.
The only person who will likely be cut to the quick by Rubenstein's departure is Chuck Schumer, who, according to sources, was one of Rubenstein's big senatorial fans.
As the U.S.S. Gunwalker Plot goes down, Steve "The Rat" Rubenstein can be barely discerned in the water just off the starboard bow, tail and all.
LATER: I just learned that the acting Chief of Staff for the Acting Director, Greg Serres, will be the new Acting Chief Counsel. The thing is, they're all acting.


Stu Strickler said...

Now this just breaks my heart, NOT!

Anonymous said...

Any idea what the signifigance of this will be? I only discovered your blog, I'm sad to say, when I started following the Fast and Furious debacle last January so I went to the links in the story so I could see what you had written about Rubenstein in the past. One thing that is abundantly clear is that ATF appears to be obsessed with your blog. I also remember you stating that you send ATF copies of all your stories? I could be wrong there. Therefore, how any of these fools can continue to claim that they new nothing, absolutely nothing about FnF...well that doesn't pass the smell test does it.

Rick said...

Retire all you want. You can run but you can't hide

Anonymous said...

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Gunny G said...

I'd rather see the f*cker in prison but out of government is good too.

Kudos to y'all for exposing these vermin for the traitors they are.

You are doing God's work.

Anonymous said...

Hm. Getting to the point where I could stumble in drunk and be declared the "Acting" something.