Sunday, January 22, 2012

Crapton of Bradleys moving by rail.

Over a hundred in woodland paint scheme. Now if any of you Irregulars send me a video like this. Kindly note the time, place and direction for travel just to keep the curious old fat man happy.


Anonymous said...

Damn. Right. A crapton of Bradleys. And saw a few HEMTTs in there too.
I wonder how long the drivers had to wait for the train to go by?

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Military equipment moves quite often by rail. Camp Shelby in MS and Ft. Polk in LA both have active rail spurs. Polk has a big yard where these trains are assembled and disassembled. Quite often, miitary units will ship their gear to Polk for training purposes since the fort covers a massive slice of the state. They even have a few towns built to resemble Durka Durkaville in the Middle East.

It is interesting that the part of the video I saw was exclusively Bradleys and not a combination of vehicles.

-LA Confederate

Anonymous said...

Maybe the army is getting ready to fight a war in Europe.

Yeah. I know. Not fekking likely.


tom762 said...

At least a hundred of them. Wonder if they are coming back, or going out? Iran, or the Redoubt?

Just remembered i need to reread Davids Tool Kit.


KBCraig said...

I could sent you a video like that every week.

Of course, I live a block from the rail spur that serves Red River Army Depot, where the Bradley family of vehicles goes for depot maintenance. These days, a lot of them aren't in great shape when they come back to the States.

Big Heavy Stuff moves by rail. Armored vehicles are Big Heavy Stuff. If you see a convoy of armored vehicles moving down the interstate with guns mounted, then it's time to get concerned. This video doesn't merit any worry at all.

drdave said...

Headline on youtube says "Hundreds of tanks on a train in Watsonville, CA south of Santa Cruz, heading south 1/20/2012.."

I will let you know if any of my railfan friends spot it.


Anonymous said...

Looks new, fresh paint, probably rebuilt.

Anonymous said...

Couple of you guys asked essentially the same question my wife did - maybe they're going to or returning from Afghanistan or Iraq. Definately aren't just returned from either the sandbox or the rockpile. woodland camo over there would stick out worse than a nudist in church.

H. Nelson said...

The first part of this video is looped. Pay attention to the flashing railroad crossing lights. You'll see what I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link I received today about the Bradleys.

Anonymous said...

Cool to see but pretty routine.

I suspect they are back up for maintenance or to be repainted for WW3 Part Three now with Iran

I suspect the same about the three 3 Helos I saw in formation over my house.

I doubt its much to worry about.

Anonymous said...

I witnessed the same scene on Thursday 1/19/12 about 3:30pm in slow rush hour traffic on CA 87 thru San Jose.
The train was rolling north on an overhead bridge.
I think they still do repairs at the FMC site up the road.

OldSoldier said...

The Army does have its ordinary and legitimate business to do. Shipping heavy equipment by rail is just that - normal. No need to hyperventilate.

These may be part of a Foreign Sale, or going to National Guard units, or just going to storage somewhere.

The Army's looking at major cuts and will lose a lot of units,whose equipment needs to be put in the attic for next time. If these came from Ft Lewis, WA,naturally they'd be green.

The Army has depots all over the country, one in Susanville, CA and another in Anniston, AL, this is nothing new.

Like the man said, when they come, they'll be cops or psuedo-cops, not your sons and daughters in the Army.

Anonymous said...


I'm right down I-20, just outside of Atlanta, and the MRAPs and other military vehicles used to ALWAYS be in Desert, but lately, ALL of the vehicles have been changed to Woodland. Everyone has been noticing it all over the country. There is a change afoot, and one can only speculate if they are planning on using them here or abroad. There is a change coming, that is for sure.

Anonymous said...

Operation Tankwalker?

Anonymous said...

The 2 little towns mentioned on that page Pittsboro And Siler City are just a few miles west of Ft. Bragg,and about 2 hrs. west of Cherry Pt. and Camp Lejune.So unless they were headed west its nothing to talk about.....dont worry about it anyway,because the Marines and 82nd.troopers are not going to blow the American people away at the request of this "Obama" character and his ass kissing "Czars".

Anonymous said...

It looks routine to me. If the military was mobilizing for combat on US soil, they would deploy to the theater by other means. Rail is just too vulnerable to sabatoge.

Keeping a lookout for suspicious federal movements is not a bad idea though.

ShortTimer said...

US military vehicles overseas have been green before. My entire armor battalion was green, minus a couple tan vehicles here and there, when we rolled over in 2003. In 2005, we were all green.

So were all of our non-armor support vehicles.

Color means little. They're just moving them around. Most places between bases, they're out in the middle of nowhere and no one notices.

Anonymous said...

Could be part of Holder's plan to ensure fair 2012 elections.

Anonymous said...

I guess the main thing is for people to become aware of what "normal" movements look like so that any "abnormal" movements attract attention in a timely manner.

Semper Fi, 0321 said...

L.A. wargames?

Anonymous said...

Much ado about nothing. The Bradley is built in Santa Clara by FMC. This load is a new/refurbished load being shipped out. With the woodland pattern camo it could mean S. Korea, Europe, or various bases in USA. Since we are drawing down from Mid-East, it makes sense that newer vehicles revert to woodland pattern.