Monday, January 30, 2012

Rumors and mists.

There are rumors and mists along the Potomac this morning, some of them quite contradictory and probable disinformation. I'm headed out now to see if I can penetrate them through to the fog machine and get closer to the truth. More later.


rdf67 said...

Thanks for your tireless efforts, Monsieur. Expect to read here what no one else is reporting on this grave matter of intentional murder to get good press for a change to gun rights. Who will take immunity and spill the beans? Has to be high enough to reach high and low - if they are giving ATF agents immunity it will stay in Phoenix.

JohnHastings said...

Immunity? What is the crime to be charged, and against whom?

Anonymous said...

We need to start asking WHY only TWO hours for the upcoming hearing?

Anyone can dance and filibuster for two hours, especially when the dims fill it with questions not germain to the hearing.