Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Here's the link to the White House of Cards

The "Minority Report." As I told some folks with the investigation today, this is a house of cards capable of being collapsed by one more email.


rdf67 said...

Only read to the part that exonerates Melson because he didn't know. Well - Why did he go after the whistle blower? If he didn't know, he never should have tried to make life miserable for the first honest agent to speak up about a felony stupid program. The attempt to tie Fast and Furious to prior ops is laughable. Too bad he didn't read the e-mail released by the White House before issuing the report. I am sure that they do not interest Cummings in the least.

I guess it is perfectly okay with Cummings for the first Chief of Crim Div in history to take the 5th rather than tell the truth about this "political issue".

Ashrak said...

Me thinks I am gettin' the "you tell 'em or I will" feeling again.....

Something wicked this way comes.

Dedicated_Dad said...

Anyone who has *EVER* worked ANYWHERE NEAR a .gov office will tell you there's simply no way in HELL This happened without approval all the way from the top.


I've got a couple of ideas that may help - a couple of aspects that I don't think have been sufficiently mined for information:
(1) As I understand it:
(a) when Darren Gil was ATF Liason to Mex.gov he was kept in the dark about this sickness.
(b) When he found out about it, he raised hell all the way to DC HQ.
(c) He was subsequently forced into early retirement.

WHO did he talk to in DC?
WHO forced him to retire?
There MUST be a phone-call/E-mail/Paper-trail there SOMEWHERE!

(2) As I understand it:
(a) the databases ATF uses to track these weapons were manipulated to ensure nobody - whether US or Mex.gov - in Mexico accidentally stumbled over this operation.
(b) Setting database permissions and etc. is not the sort of thing an ATF agent is likely to do
(c) EVERY change in a system like this requires a "change control" document to be issued, filed, usually voted on in committee and etc.
(d) There SHOULD be documentation of the request for these database changes, and the discussion, approval and implementation thereof.

Trust me: With 20+ years in IT, many of them as a Contractor to huge corporations and .gov agencies, this SHOULD have a rather extensive paper-trail attached!

Figuring out who filed and approved the request for these changes might open some doors for further investigation!