Thursday, January 26, 2012

I can understand why he wants to get out of town. Darrell Issa flies off to Davos to hobnob with the global elite, leaving us to wonder just what the hell he has in mind for Eric Holder.

No, I didn't make that headline up. Issa has flown off to Davos to hobnob with the international elites this weekend. That, at least, is what I'm being told. This is a marvelous turn of events for the New World Order conspiracists. Shortwave millennialists will be going nuts. Much is being made today in various places of Issa's latest letters to Holder here and here.
Here's the Daily Caller's story and interview with Issa.
Here is David Codrea's take, which lays out succinctly the public facts as known.
Last night, I was floated some rumors that Morrissey and Hurley, Cunningham's fellow myrmidons working under Dennis Burke on the Fast and Furious clandestine operation, were also going to plead the Fifth along with Cunningham. This was obviously far too optimistic, and perhaps I was meant to jump at it, but I waited for confirmation. A good thing. I announced rightly that the committee was going to have an announcement this morning. But I didn't expect how truly wimpy it would be. Morrissey has until 5 o'clock Eastern today to respond to the committee. No one expects him to come forward, even though he is a Bush appointee. And why should he? Where are the threats of contempt of congress? Where is the plain talk of doing unto Holder as he has been doing unto them?
So I understand why the Three Amigos in the Phoenix U.S. Attorney's office are clamming up. What do they gain by coming forward now? The committee has made much sound and fury, but so far indications are that it signifies nothing. Recall that I previously reported that the Issa people have even cut off the flow information to Grassley's office. Recall that the committee made much noise in letters about going after Kevin O'Reilly and seeking information about the March 2009 meeting between Newell and the White House. None of that, I am told, will be mentioned at the upcoming hearing. Believe me when I tell you that I am not the only reporter, mainstream or Internet, that is wondering just what the hell is going on here. The frustration is palpable, and we compare notes in mutual mystification.
I sent this email to a number of participants in the investigation today.
From: georgemason1776
To: REDACTED (Congressional staffer)
Sent: Thu, Jan 26, 2012 11:05 am
Subject: Just between you and me. A cry in the dark . . .
So, Issa flies off to Davos while his chief counsel crafts a small solution which points to Phoenix -- except the stonewall on Phoenix is still holding. No follow up (apparently) on O'Reilly, March 2009 meeting, etc. So what's the plan? Get Holder up there and swing their limp dicks around trying to hit him? What is there in this that will do anything but discredit the whole investigation in the eyes of people who are paying attention? WHAT IS THERE EVIDENCED IN ANY OF THIS BESIDES A REASONABLE CONCLUSION THAT THE FIX IS IN?
Don't they understand that their (your) whole system is in a crisis of legitimacy?
I'm not being just rhetorical here and would very much appreciate some sort of hopeful input.
I just checked my email -- no one has responded as yet.
So that is where we are, as far as I know. The committee may have a rabbit in their hat. In fact, if they've been doing what they claim to have been doing they should have a whole warren of embarrassing rabbits for Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano and the sitting president of the United States. If. . . Maybe. . . Or, the fix is in, which means they have decided to try to save their rotten system and not the country.
I suppose we could ask Darrell Issa, but he's flown off to Davos.
I'm getting on a plane tomorrow morning, dear readers, to see if I can sniff out the truth. Either way, you'll read about it here, on Sipsey Street.


Ashrak said...

Hillary ain't hanging it up for no reason.

Me thinks a whoooole lot of "retirements" are being negotiated in smokey back rooms in order to keep this whole thing under wraps.

I called on Issa a year ago to get serious. Chided I was by some for a lack of faith in him. Still he remains anything but serious - save the occasional dog and pony show.

As in the past, I now reiterate that John Boehner needs to be the target of all ire. He is the enabler without an excuse. The Silent Speaker should be the focus at this point.

I wonder if a fella named Mike might ask his staff for a comment........(we already know he won't say a word personally).

Anonymous said...

Yep a rabbit just like Bullwinkle used to pull out of the hat routinely - how'd that work out?
Unfortunately I think Dave C. nailed it with 'the fix is in'. IOW a few little slaps on the wrist - Arizona charging them with state/local violations seems to be our last best hope.

Anonymous said...

Cunningham should be compelled to testify before Congress. He should be the witness just ahead of Holder on Feb 2... :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike but I think I already know the answer and can guess the details.

Anonymous said...

I keep hoping but am afraid the fix is in, as usual, r's/d's sides of the same coin.

Anonymous said...

Thats depressing. No one in govt will do the right thing... ever. And that includes Issa.

aughtsix said...

Anonymous said...

Thats depressing. No one in govt will do the right thing... ever. And that includes Issa.

January 26, 2012 4:21 PM

So that leaves, who, exactly, to "do the right thing"?

That's right...


Just do it.


wv: ou shru me (inebriated version of: oh, screw me!)

WarriorClass III said...

"Don't they understand that their (your) whole system is in a crisis of legitimacy?"

Not only do they not get it, they don't see their ass in the noose either.

But it is. And they will die wondering why...


Anonymous said...

What little happens,Issa will get up patting himself on the back and letting us all know how huch he has done for us. Birds of a feather ya know.

DamDoc said...

Have just a little more faith... lets see what happens Feb 2.. this will be pretty embarassing to Issa if this just circles the bowl a couple time and then flushes.....

TPaine said...

I hear Davos is one of Soros' favorite hang-outs. Looks like your work and David's might have been for naught.

Then again, it's "big government at work," isn't it? Keep moving, folks. Nothing to see here.

fireplaceguy said...

They're co-opting him. The whole point of having Issa at Davos is to intoxicate him with the psuedo importance all hangers on endow themselves with when they're allowed to mingle with the elite.

Issa will return with delusions of a role in their contrived global security agenda, and comfortable in the knowledge he'll get the campaign contributions he needs to stay in office. Today is the day the congressional inquiry into Gunwalker (such as it was) died.

John Smith. said...

Looks like you guys are finding out the Issa has a different agenda huh... Things are going to get really screwy in the next couple of days... Should be fun to watch...

bloodyspartan said...

it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

Anonymous said...

Issa's ostensible purpose for being in Davos is to participate in a SOPA conference.

Internet censorship/control is of greater interest to his California constituents than gunwalking is.

If any deals are being made (which is unlikely, given Issa's comparative insignificance to the global elite) it will be to offer up Holder in exchange for BHO's immunization.

Fast and Furious now looks like a "back burner" issue because of more urgent concerns. Issa is in a two-front war and Gunwalker has the longer shelf life.