Saturday, January 21, 2012

About bloody time.

"State to Feds: We're going to investigate Fast and Furious, too." Of course they're going to run into the same problems that plagued the local investigation of the OKC bombing, the Feds will use their on the ground lackeys to delay, disrupt and discredit the effort. Getting evidence will be hell. Still, it is worth trying.


Anonymous said...

by L_E_Light:
hallelujah .. God understands justice, irony, AND the 10th Amendment ..
~ whoda thunk the murder of ATF Agent Brian Terry also violated "Az State Law" ..

THIS approach may be tipping point & legs needed to blow the 'cover' by which the MSM and FEDS suppressed the facts ..
~ and, it's also a pretty big loose end that Holder's lackeys left 'hanging'
(no pun intended, as Az uses lethal injection)

~ the image of Holder & Company booked into Sheriff Joe's jail, clad in pink jump-suits? .. PRICELESS!

~ look for a shitload of DOJ, ATF, FBI bureaucrats to soon be maneuvering to the head-of-the-line to cut an immunity deal & sing

now .. will the other affected States follow Az's lead?

Ed said...

Watch for immediate transfers out of state of Federal employees and claims of Executive Privilege.

You want to talk to [redacted]? Oh... Too bad. He just left. I'll let him know you called.

For anyone else, this behavior would be called "obstruction of justice".

Anonymous said...

My crystal ball shows a very large LEAA grant headed Arizona's way. That's what got Horiuchi off.