Wednesday, January 18, 2012

When a turd insults a fart, what position should the nose take?

An enemy of liberty is no friend of mine. I do not owe respect to anyone who would enslave me by government force, nor is it wise for such a person to expect it. -- Isaiah Amberay
You know, I was recently put in a bit of a philosophical hard spot because of this jeremiad by the government monopoly of force advocates at CSGV: Pro-Gun Jerks Find Humor in Tucson Shooting Anniversary. Contained therein was this:
Christie Caywood (AKA "Bitterb"), the girlfriend of fellow NRA volunteer election coordinator Keith Milligan of Langhorne, Pennsylvania (AKA "Sebastian"), found the vigils hilarious. Along with Milligan, she co-authors the blog “Shall Not Be Questioned.” On December 19, she mocked the “Too Many Victims” tributes, writing, “Yes, they want you to light a candle. Because candles will stop violence ... If candles can stop bullets, then they can do anything in this season of holiday miracles, right?” On Twitter, she said the following about gun violence prevention activists holding candlelight vigils: "We should report them as arsonists." Caywood and Milligan also shared a laugh about Joan Peterson's loss of her sister to gun violence. Milligan Tweeted that he won a bet with his girlfriend that Peterson would ring a bell instead of lighting a candle at the vigil. He hash-tagged the Tweet #toomanyfools. Milligan was referring to bell-ringing ceremonies held by the group Protect Minnesota, of which Joan is member. Gun violence survivors step forward to ring a bell once for each loved one they have lost to gun violence. Caywood loved it. "I didn't bet against you dear," she Tweeted back.
Milligan also issued the following warning to victims and survivors of gun violence: "Once your grief crosses over into trying to remove my freedoms and shred part of the Bill of Rights you can no longer claim the right to be left alone." "These aren’t people who are just concerned citizens," Milligan declared. "They are hate filled people out to destroy lives. How are these people different from a bigot who would enjoy the idea if a black man got an ass beating because he was visiting Mississippi in 1954, and didn’t know certain fountains weren’t for his kind? I posit they are no different in terms of their corrupt character, only in the form of bigotry they have chosen."
Keith Milligan, aka General Sebastian Snowflake, Chief Apologist and Public Information Officer for the Grand Army of the NRA's Lairds of Fairfax, Electronic Battlespace Division.
Now my clashes with "Sebastian" and his consort "Bitter Bitch" (now toning it down as "Bitterb") are legendary ever since they first denounced me as a "lunatic" (Sebastian) and an "asshole" (Bitter Bitch) for "scaring the white people" (one of their commenters) with this letter to the Madison Times in July 2008 (unfortunately the link is broken so here is the letter in its entirety):
Dear Editor:
Joe Bialek from Cleveland proposes the licensing and registration of all weapons currently in civilian hands. My question is, how exactly do you propose to do that, Joe?
There are some of us "cold dead hands" types, perhaps 3 percent of gun owners, who would kill anyone who tried to further restrict our God-given liberty. Don't extrapolate from your own cowardice and assume that just because you would do anything the government told you to do that we would.
Are you proposing to come yourself, or do you want someone else's son or daughter in federal service to take the risk? Are you truly prepared to stack up the bodies necessary to accomplish your plan? Seems a strange way to make a "safer society." More to the point, are you willing to risk your sorry hide to do it? No? I thought not.
Then quit proposing the next American civil war. We're done being pushed back from our natural rights without a fight. Be careful what you wish for.
Mike Vanderboegh
Pinson, Ala.
This letter scared the self-described "pragmatists" such as Sebastian and Bitter Bitch, so they both denounced me (they weren't the only ones of course). I shot back at their public flaccidity when it came to firearm rights, and the long-simmering mutual disdain party was on.
Which continues to today thanks to Bitter Bitch's latest "The Truth About Mitt Romney's Record on Guns," an apologia in advance for Mitt Romney's sorry record on guns. You know, the "he's the candidate we got so we'd better compromise again now before we lose" sort of logic.
So, I'm torn by the question, "When a turd insults a fart, what position should the nose take?" As for Sebastian, he's already decided to take on CSGV and has demanded satisfaction at the offense to his "honor" in the way seems most comfortable to him: another exercise in limp dickery.


Anonymous said...

From "Sebastian" in the comments section:

It’s funny, I was just saying to Bitter “I’ll grant folks that the guy isn’t much of a conservative or libertarian. He basically blows with the wind, which is the problem with him. But HE BELIEVES IN CAPITALISM [emphasis added], and that’s basically all it takes to be better than Obama.”

The problem with this assertion is that no one can state with conviction what Romney's core beliefs are. If fidelity to Marxism were necessary to win elective office, Romney would quote Das Kapital--chapter and verse.


Anonymous said...

Send them a copy of that "Resolve" poster. :)

thedweeze said...

Every movement needs folks who, if not exactly Useful Idiots, are at least idiots who are useful.

Or, to use another metaphor, we can use people who enjoy wrestling with pigs....

Anonymous said...

SnowFLAKE and his Bitch are bitterly thin skined.

Anonymous said...

The nose should stand clear and let the sort it out.

Discretion, valor, and all that.

Anonymous said...

"Don't argue with a fool. Onlookers may not be able to tell the difference." attributed to Twain