Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Minority Report" -- Bloody Hands Cummings & White House issue a report saying that the Bushes made them do it, and besides, it was all Phoenix's fault.

Pete Yost of AP Democrats try to shape the narrative in advance of the Thursday hearing. I'm reading it now and will post link when I have it.


Backwoods Engineer said...

Full report here: http://onlygunsandmoney.blogspot.com/2012/01/minority-report-released-by-cummings.html

This is a dirty trick.

Holder and his minions are right in the middle of this, you gotta know.

Anonymous said...

Fox just aired a big story on Fast and Furious about the Democrats saying that DOJ was cleared of all wrong doing.

Old NFO said...

Blame Bush seems to be their ONLY response to anything they've done wrong...

Mt Top Patriot said...

What can one expect from a group of criminals who have successfully converted a system of rule of law into a system of plunder?

Anything, and I mean it with the greatest sincerity, everything and everything that questions this power of plunder in any shape or form is an existential threat to the very core of this system and culture of total corruption.

The crux of the matter is complete absence of a moral ethical base founded on integrity and virtue, a political machine whose people are driven by one thing and one thing only. Power. And of course the riches and largess available to those who hold all the power.

It has to go. We as a nation, especially a Republic, can not survive much past 2012. You can say all you want about Holder did this and Obama did that, run around and be treated as fools chasing ghosts at the ATF, FBI and HLS, one thing that is irrefutable is that the entire system of Republican form of Constitutional government and Rule of Law has been dissolved for all intents and purposes.
Left unchecked it is the end of everything we know and have based our good faith upon.
This 5000 year leap of mankind, foe all intents and purposes, held so dearly by so few essentially exists in the hearts and minds of those outside this banana republic system of plunder.
It is left to a minority of Americans who hold Liberty above all to redress this. Without doubt it is not this corrupt entity called government who is coming to the rescue.
The only salvation resides within us as people.

As time progresses it is increasingly evident beyond suspicions and intuition based on simple terms of unalienable primal rights that destruction of the insidious tyranny of rule of men by means of last resort granted by the absolute rule of law of inherent Sovereignty of we the people has to be accepted and acted upon if we are to redress the wrongs of the crimes of treachery and treason that have completely supplanted our system of Liberty and Prosperity.

Times Up