Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Folly responds.

Mordechai Rumkowski, Head Judenrat of the Lodz Ghetto. The Nazis called him a "Useful Jew."
Just received this email:
From: Jeff Folloder
To: georgemason1776
Sent: Wed, Jan 25, 2012 4:30 pm
Subject: Really?
(And I use that because I have no idea how to correctly pronounce your name...) If you are going to be getting all lathered up over me, you really do need to make sure your "facts" are a bit more accurate. I've no desire to sue you for libel, slander or otherwise because your not really worth the effort. I counted many factual errors in your latest rant and even pointed out a few of them in the comments section. Nice to know I have now hit your radar. I'll make sure to salute you when I censor the next post on SubGuns. The folks over there are going to be so pleased to know that I run the place. Really good stuff!
B'bye now. Please don't get too worked up.
Jeff Folloder
NFA Trade and Collectors Association
Direct: 281.492.8288
My reply:
From: georgemason1776
To: jeff.folloder
Cc: lensavag ; gunlaw
Sent: Wed, Jan 25, 2012 5:22 pm
Subject: Fwd: Really?
Dear "Useful Jew,"
Well, Folly, if you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. I'll be posting your response, but in the meantime I'm also forwarding it to two of the victims of YOUR campaign of slander and lies, Len Savage and Bob Sanders.
The old NFATCA board's symbiotic relationship with ATF is crumbling and you are now despised by a growing portion of the membership as well as the Feds you sucked up to, who in truth never looked upon you as anything but useful idiots anyway. Truth will out.
For Ramsey A. Bear,
Mike Vanderboegh.


Ashrak said...

When there is no way to combat the message, they shoot the messenger in a attempt to paint the picture that a defense of some kind is being waged.

Cage effectively rattled.


How does one "pronounce" a name in writing?

rexxhead said...

Mike, you at least spell-check your stuff and that puts you head-and-shoulders above the illiterates, innumerates, and illogicals, a very good place to be.


Anonymous said...

@ Ashrak

I believe it is Van-der-boo with the ch sounding the same as the ch in Loch (as in Loch Ness). I am not the best authority on Dutch though.

Anonymous said...

#1 You don't need to know how to PRONOUNCE someone's name in order to SPELL it correctly.
#2 For all his protestations of errors on your part, I notice he didn't ennumerate or list a single one.

Useful or not, he's an idiot.
So far as I can see, you're living in his head rent free. Keep up the psyops (which in your case, consists of telling the truth).

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Methinks Mr. Fellater doth protest too much, "Vandy".

Bruce Krafft said...

He can't figure out how to pronounce "Mike"? I knew gov't schools were getting bad, but, seriously?

Ken said...

Mr. Folloder may or may not have heard the old bit of folk wisdom (I first heard it in reference to well-known whited sepulchre Pat Robertson's libel suit back against Pete McCloskey in 'eighty and eight -- dismissed with prejudice, as I recall with the help of the Intarwebs):

"If one sues somebody for libel, they're 'libel' to prove it."